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Home Startup Sagoon, A Pioneer of Social Media Monetization

Sagoon, A Pioneer of Social Media Monetization

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Sagoon is a US-based startup that intends to revolutionize the way people use social media today.

Our mission is to provide the first-ever platform to build a REWARDING life through the innovative social path: Connect. Share. Earn. Through this mission, we envision people making true connections, bringing intimacy into relationships, and creating a transparent society.

How Sagoon was conceptualized?

This platform is the brainchild of Govinda, who envisioned the concept after seeing a friend being envious of his relative who had bought a new villa and posted amazing photos on social media. He then started researching on the ill effects of social media and found out that people were trawling through others’ information and in the end, they were generally not finding a solution to their own needs. He concluded that this addiction to social media was extremely harmful as it isolates us by making us feel bad about our lives. Most importantly, people are not able to get rid of this addiction even after knowing what it can do to them. Saddened by this state of most youngsters, he decided to build a social site where users can build true connections with one another.

Sagoon Inc., a Delaware, USA corporation, was founded by Govinda Giri in the basement of his home in Washington DC in 2007, with the goal of developing a Web Search Engine.

The launch of first two versions

In 2014, Sagoon launched Version 1.0 private beta in India and DC. The next year, in 2015, Sagoon launched Version 2.0 as a public beta in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Sagoon, A Pioneer of Social Media Monetization

“The next update came in the early next year when Sagoon rolled out Version 2.1 in February, 2016.”

Since the first launch, the platform has gained over 400,000 users, with each of them inviting 12 of his contacts on an average. These users are located in 150 different countries and the total number of engagements we have received from them is over 4 million. The team size has also swelled to 19 part- and full-time employees who are working from India, Nepal and US.


Sagoon applications

Currently, The platform offers three applications, namely My Day, Secret Sharing and Mood Talk.

My DayMy Day is the fastest way to create & share schedules and to-do-lists, and set reminders. It has been designed to simplify your daily professional and personal lives, and improve productivity.

Secret SharingThis application lets users share their secrets and confessions that can add to the knowledge and wisdom of the readers.

Mood TalkWith this application, users can add a new dimension to their chatting experience by letting their moods do the talking. It is further accentuated by a range of custom emoticons and crazy stickers that can be used during a private or a group chat.

Social Smart Card: The real game changer

Sagoon, A Pioneer of Social Media Monetization

The next application that Sagoon is planning to launch is the ‘Social Smart Card’; it is this application that will let users earn money for spending time on Sagoon.

With this card, users will be able to:

  • Buy and send gifts to loved ones
  • Easily collect and redeem gift cards and coupons to buy goods/service
  • Get a percentage back on each transaction

Investment Opportunity: The upcoming Mini-IPO

There are many other applications in the pipeline that will be launched when Sagoon starts gaining grounds in other countries. And to achieve the same, the company is launching Reg A + Mini IPO in early next month.

Presently, Sagoon is in ‘Testing the Water’ phase wherein potential investors can indicate their interest in the upcoming investment opportunity. So far, the company has received over $4 million in indicated interest from more than 2500 people located in different parts of the world.


In the funding round of Mini-IPO, the company plans to raise $20 million that, in addition to launching new apps, will be used to develop a mobile application, expand office and hire software engineers.

Sagoon, A Pioneer of Social Media Monetization

Sagoon is the social media revolution that is not the ‘want’ but the ‘need’ of the world. The platform has received lots of positive feedback from the industry experts and users, and it is all set to disrupt the social media market.

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  1. I heard that Sagoon is not clearing the dues of their software partners. Is this true?
    Also, so many layoffs happened one year back and employees were not cleared of their dues. Why Sagoon is following bad practices of confiscating the money of their partners when they have got huge money from their investors?


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