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Outfunnel: The Revenue Marketing Automation Tool For Smbs

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Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead; Mind-Boggling, isn’t it? Well, what if we tell you that Outfunnel takes a significant part in that game-changing method? It sure is a noteworthy endeavour.

Embarked on the year 2018 by its Co-founder and CEO Andrus Purde, Outfunnel aims to provide salient marketing automation features and deep integrations with CRMs lending a hand to assist sales and marketing by teaming up and handling revenue. The Revenue Marketing Automation founder and the driving force behind the skilled creation, Mr. Andrus Purde, is well aware of the need for the tool to perfection from 10+ years in B2B marketing, including seven years as head of Pipedrive’s marketing team.

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The cutting edge technology has all-around raised a pre-seed round led by companies such as by Founders, Paua Ventures, along with participation from Lemonade Stand, Omnisend and a group of angel investors including Bolt co-founders Markus and Martin Villig, Matterport CMO Robin Daniels, entrepreneur and capitalist Sten Tamkivi and Pipedrive co-founder Ragnar Sass.

“There are a gazillion tools, but SMBs still struggle to unite sales and marketing data and workflows, despite all the tech,” says Purde. “Then comes Outfunel to the rescue. A revenue marketing automation technology that deeply integrates with CRMs and offers features that help sales and marketing work together.”

Contrived to streamline and simplify some of the most seemingly endless responsibilities of the modern marketing and sales roles, Outfunnel’s purpose is what helped its investors to rest assured. Eric Lagier, the Managing Partner at by Founders, stated, “When investing, we carefully evaluate the founding team and consider how we can help them move forward. Andrus and his team’s prior experience enabled them to spot a gap in the market that they were uniquely positioned to fill. Leveraging their insight to connect sales and marketing affordably, Outfunnel is building a substantial value offering for SMBs. We’re thrilled to be able to connect the team with luminaries such as Robin Daniels (CMO at Matterport, previously WeWork, SalesForce, LinkedIn executive), who can provide exceptional value to Outfunnel as they scale.”

“The need for sales and marketing integration in B2B is obvious. In fact, there are established tools that solve this for the enterprise market. But these tools are complicated to use, and most SMBs cannot afford them. Andrus and his team at Outfunnel are facilitating SMBs to run revenue marketing with an easy-to-use tool at a fraction of the price,”Matterport CMO Robin Daniels has nothing but positive feedback to add as well concerning the partnership with the company.

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At the moment, with a team of 9 employees who are based out of Tallinn, Estonia, Outfunnel is serving more than 400 paying customers around the world; the US and Canada being the most important markets. Dominating the market for two consecutive years, Outfunnel has so far raised €1.1 million in funding from by Founders, Paua Ventures, and a group of seed investors. That’s some remarkable performance right there!

The chief factor of Outfunnel’s success is deep integrations that sync critical data between marketing and CRMs (currently HubSpot, Pipedrive, Cooper). The advanced technology’s functionality is strategically focused on revenue marketing automation, i.e., one can send automated emails to segments defined in CRM, prioritize hottest opportunities with lead scoring and web tracking, and review how campaigns drive new deals and actual revenue with conversion reports.

The most effective and prime consumers of Outfunnel are small to medium-sized business companies where sales and marketing need to work together. For instance, Caddle, a digital marketplace that rewards consumers for engaging with brands, operates Outfunnel to send and keep track of B2B outreach campaigns. Bolt Food, the food delivery arm of the mobility unicorn, also uses Outfunnel to automate onboarding email campaigns to new restaurants.

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In a nutshell, Outfunnel pitches in to create connected customer experiences across multiple organizations. Having the very intention and aim to bring together marketing, sales, and customer service of a business, Outfunnel has indeed taken a silent oath; to change the market structure righteously by establishing seamless customer experience across one’s brand.

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