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Home Startup Mecura - Digitalising Child Healthcare in Schools

Mecura – Digitalising Child Healthcare in Schools

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Mecura India is a healthcare start-up company where young minds aim to digitalize child healthcare in India by making an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for each child at school because today children are exposed to a lot more diseases and stress than any other time and need medical care from the roots itself. Hence, they have come up with ideas to fuse technology and child healthcare services.

The Bunch of young minds Working together 24X7 to bring a smile on every child’s face.

Mecura was founded by Akbar Khan, currently pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from SRM University (Chennai); and co-founded by Aquib Hasnain, currently pursuing Information Technology at St. Thomas’ College of Engineering and Technology (Kolkata) and Ankush Malhotra who have completed Master in Computer Science (Delhi).


” My frequent sneezing during the childhood days went unnoticed by my parents because I would stay in a hostel. This led to a serious sinus trouble which needed immediate medication; however, this situation could be avoided if my parents could track my health even when sitting miles away from me. This is the common problem in India, where a child is taken to a doctor only when he/she falls seriously ill and there is no escape but to go through a number of tests. My curiosity about this issue and a keen interest in entrepreneurship has enabled me to start Mecura through which parents can track the medical records of their children with just the click of a button i.e. the digital version of paper-based prescriptions, called Electron Medical Record (EMR).  Since then, my journey with Mecura along with Aquib and Ankush  has been only fetching me with knowledge and experience.”  Said by Akbar Khan, Founder

Mecura has already been featured among top five startups selected in IIT Bombay and it was also among 40 start-ups to get selected in Bioasia Convention 2016. Further, it has ranked 32nd globally in the Impact Chapter that was organized by a German company ‘Get In the Ring’. Mecura has also conducted pilot services in Kolkata, Delhi, and Jaipur where it received a positive response and a success rate of 95%. It has currently joined hands with 5 schools in Kolkata including Loyola High School and Study Park with 700 customers on board. Mecura also has opened its clinic led by more than 10 specialist doctors and still have a long way to go!


Life has not changed with Mecura but the lifestyle of working has changed with Mecura. 

“We are on a mission to change every parents’ mindset of not taking their child to a doctor unless severe necessity arises. We are thus changing the healthcare system by creating a digital platform for every child “, Said by Team

Mecura innovative website & mobile app will help children & parents keep a constant tab on their health status and aimed to bridge the gap between school-going children & the necessary health care they should get. The younger generation is an invaluable asset to our country and its time we do something to keep them healthy. The motive behind bringing this technology for parents to get more involved in their child health care.

Mecura - Digitalising Child Healthcare in Schools

We don’t go to the doctor until and unless we fall sick, it’s very true and all medical records are paper based. Mecura brings a platform for parents where they can keep track of their child health care through our application and website from anywhere around the world at any time. Mecura India offers services like General Health Check-Up, Screening Tests, Electronic Medical Records, Parental & Social Counseling, Interactive Health Workshops, Health Blogs, Online Consultants, etc to children in the age group of 5-14 years at school all the year round and also clinic working for adults.


They Generate 80% Revenue from School and 20% from Mecura eClinic and Growth rate is $6966.8 in four months and launched Their first outlet Mecura eClinic where all specialist Doctor are at one place.

“We have just got an opportunity from IIT Bombay as Incubation from JS Innovation Lab. Mecura has planned to reach and screen more than 1 Lakh students in the next three years and are in search of investors.”

” Primarily, Customers seek trust because they have given their child’s health responsibility to us. Hence, Mecura helps them to take care of their child. Not only do we provide them with a secured platform to keep a constant tab on their child’s health; we ensure that the school Principal also knows about the kid’s health status. Hence, we make sure good health travels with the child at all times. Even at emergency situations, our EMR travels faster to the doctor than the child’s medical history so the treatment can start immediately. Our graphical and diagrammatic health records are easy to understand as well, such that the parents can be satisfied as to where the problem exactly lies and how it should be treated. Our online blogs, calculators, and articles in the “Samagya” newspaper also assist them in them in avoiding any diseases spread across the country.”, Said by Team

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