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Lensa’s Journey to Alter the Job Recruitment Scene

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“Empowering people to make better career decisions.” This is the mission statement of Lensa, an online job portal that combines the latest in AI technology with a committed, competent, caring staff of business professionals to bring focus and transparency to the job search. 

Founder and CEO, George Vari, came to the philosophy behind Lensa after having worked on several job boards and recruitment start-ups. These experiences taught him that the traditional process of searching for a job was broken. Consequently, Vari set out to build a platform for job seekers that takes full advantage of recent technological breakthroughs while putting people first.

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More job seekers are demanding pay transparency in job postings. They say they have a right to know how they’ll be compensated before investing blood, sweat, and tears in a candidacy,” Vari says.

So Lensa takes this feedback and uses it to improve its platform while encouraging recruiters to do likewise. The intelligence Lensa uses isn’t all artificial. It also comes from honest interactions and from listening to the concerns of both job seekers and recruiters alike.

From Humble Beginnings

The first version of Lensa was launched in 2015 in the US. IT wasn’t an immediate success as they quickly found out that the learning curve was quite steep. Without investors to back them and with limited knowledge about the market, the Lensa team relied on their skills of listening to user feedback, empathizing with their concerns, and stepping out of the box to come up with new solutions to very real problems.

The years that followed the initial launch were filled with discovery as Lensa became experts in the field of job-candidate matching. They improved their systems and user interface, engaged in traffic acquisition and data distribution, and continued to learn from user feedback, making in-house improvements – all the development is done in-house. And the results of these years of conscientious work and persistence can be seen in the company’s profits and its growth!

What Lies Ahead

With hundreds of thousands of new job seekers signing up each month, the future for Lensa is looking bright. They are independent – they answer to their users as they have no investors to answer to – and ambitious – they aim to be the absolute best in their field.

The team at Lensa is continuously looking for new and innovative ways they can analyze and interpret job seeker data, expand their reach, and improve on an already celebrated UX.

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What Users Are Saying

Lensa Trustpilot Review

Screenshot taken from the Trustpilot page for reviews of Lensa found here

Lensa aims to make a significant impact on the recruitment scene, and they aim to do this by empowering people through education and transparency. The best way to see just what kind of an impact they are having is to take a look and see what users of the online job portal are saying. 

Overwhelmingly, the feedback has been enthusiastic. Lensa scores a rating of “Excellent,” 4.3 out of five stars based on an aggregate of 275 user reviews.

By perusing the many favorable reviews, we get a sense that users are delighted by the quick, friendly, and helpful customer support.

  • They have great customer relations, and they really take the time to guide users that are inexperienced to the needed resources, and they talk you through a lot of the steps in a very timely manner.”
  • “The most important thing I would like to mention is that they reached out to me really fast. This site is so helpful and answers all the questions…” 
  • Fast, easy, and they make you feel important. So I would say to everyone, give them a try.”

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Message to customers and users

Though things are going well for Lensa at the moment, now is no time to rest on our laurels. There is still so much more that needs to be done to empower people with the transparency and accurate information they need to make better career decisions.

Lensa is working tirelessly to achieve those lofty and worthy ambitions. But we can’t do it without you.

What difficulties have you been experiencing in your job search?

What changes would you like to see in what recruiters say about the job openings they are trying to fill?

Are you having trouble being matched with jobs that fit your profile, that appeal to your interests, and meet your stated criteria?

Please, let us know what concerns you have with the way recruitment is being carried out today. Let us help you make good decisions about your next job and about your long-term career plans as well.

We rely on your feedback to take real action that leads to real change.

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