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Home Startup IndaHash: global influencer technology platform with world domination in its sights

IndaHash: global influencer technology platform with world domination in its sights

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Influencer marketing is set to dominate the world of brands in 2017 with the title “celebrity” extending from the faces you see on the big screen to those you see on your social networks. Some big name influencers like Zoella or Roman Atwood can command the same rates for posting branded content as a Kardashian or a Ronaldo! But the real revolution has come from the “real people” of the internet as mid-tier of “power users” with followings of up to 100,000 reveal themselves as the real barometer of consumer trends.

IndaHash is a technology platform that connects brands and agencies directly to global digital influencers to automatically create authentic, original branded content. While influencers of all sizes are on the platform, indaHash’s focus is firmly on the mid-tier “power users” with followings between 1,000 and 100,000. Why? Well, these influencers tend to command the best engagement rates as their audiences are tightly focused around shared passions and interests.


Founded in January 2016 by Barbara Soltysinska and Wlas Chorowiec, the company has seen phenomenal growth over the last year. Today, almost 250,000 influencers with a combined reach of over half a billion followers use the app to co-operate with Fortune 500 brands and earn through their passions.

Prior to indaHash, Barbara co-founded a PR agency and also Central and Eastern Europe’s biggest local multi-channel network, LifeTube, which she sold last year to a management fund. Wlas also has experience of launching and growing technology startups and worked with Barbara on LifeTube. indaHash is almost entirely self-funded aside from a small investment from a leading investment bank.

For their agency and brand customers, indaHash offers a seamless technology experience that helps identify, brief and manage content from multiple influencers, at scale in an efficient and cost-effective way. While it has long been established that mid-tier influencers have better engagement with their followers until now it has been difficult to reach them as, unlike celebrities or super-influencers, they do not necessarily have a talent management structure and are not so easy to identify and then to negotiate individually with.


IndaHash uses technology to automate the process, proposing a rate for content based on their popularity and engagement.

This means that brands such as Coca-Cola, Google and McDonald’s have been able to harness the creativity of hundreds of influencers at once and have global campaigns up and performing in hours and as a bonus have copyright for the images created. The influencer-generated content can then be repurposed by brands for the second wave of digital marketing.


The indaHash team numbers almost a hundred from 12 countries, across five offices and are hired according to aptitude and attitude as much as skills and qualifications. The company is on an ambitious global growth plan and is set to add 20 new markets in 2017 to 50 already opened.

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