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Fabvenues.in: providing rental spaces for all events

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Fabvenues.in is a digital platform that caters to the rental booking needs of individuals and businesses alike. By visiting the company’s website, customers can book venues and places to organize events or utilize them for recreational purposes. With rental options available from one, two days to an entire week, the digital marketplace offers a diverse range of spaces. Operating from Haryana, India, the space rental services are provided in various cities across India. Some of the most prominent cities on the list include Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, and Delhi. The business model is unique and the first of its kind. But things get much more convenient with the website’s hosting option. Those willing to provide their premises for rental need only fill out elaborate forms by clicking on the “Become a Host” tab. Through a stringent vetting process and secure online payment method, the company has pioneered a game-changing online marketplace for all venues.

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The company began with a vision to give organization and convenience to the largely unstructured venue renting space through its inclusive platform. The business aims to provide this convenience to customers in India and to the world at large. Many features of Fabvenues.in help it stands out from its competitors. The foremost of which is the flexibility and control at the disposal of hosts, individuals, and businesses who provide their venues and spaces for rental options. This is achieved by allowing the hosts to sell and market supplementary goods and services like food and beverages. But the most notable thing is the features integrated into the website that helps chat interactions between guests and hosts, flexible payment options, and a calendar management system.

Although the website has launched for just three months, there are already over 200 options to choose from. There are many more choices yet to come. In its long-term aims, Fabvenues.in seeks to have around 10,000 by the end of 2021, breaking into US markets.

Founded by Anubhav Sahni in the end of the year 2020, the company has quickly gained a reputation in the venue rental industry. Anubhav Sahni was already the co-founder and marketing& operations head of a Pennsylvania, USA-based Holiday Homes Rental Company. He has held this post for four years so that the experience gained from it allowed him to make Fabvenues.in a sensation in a brief space of time. Moreover, he possesses over seventeen years of marketing and sales experience in the IT industry before joining the tech-hospitality industry. His vision was to create a digital platform that would eliminate all the hassle and cumbersome procedures of renting out spaces and venues. With the onslaught of Covid-19 in April 2020, this dormant vision was executed and brought to life. The company relied on the feedback from customers and venue owners to improve operations by tweaking the UI and UX. Ever since site renovations have periodically rolled in to make things better. The intention is to enhance user experience and diversify the catalog of rental spaces available over time.

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The company had its inception in the inspiration described above. Once it materialized in the founder’s mind, germinating for years until it blossomed. The founders and co-founders discussed the idea and found it viable to be executed. Vishnu came on board as CTO and Project lead; the founders have worked with them on various other projects in the past.

Thanks to regular blogs and articles, customers can gain insight into the trendy places for various Indian cities. The digital marketplace offers price ranges and halls for private functions from marriage ceremonies, birthday and typical parties, and simply get-togethers. There are even places up for rental grabs where peace and solitude can be pursued in the forms of yoga or corporate retreats.

But even if you are looking for rental places to have family holidays, Fabvenues.in has you covered! Moreover, the variety does not stop there as the company connects you to such spaces that cater to business needs. For example, the digital marketplace includes locations for conducting photo and video shoots for those in the fashion design industry or for businesses looking to create advertisement videos for their brands. Promotion events and conferences are other business activities for which infrastructure can be rented out.

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To perform the booking procedure, the website requires such details as the rental locality, dates of the event or function, purpose, the type of venue needed, and the capacity of the premises. Furthermore, the company contributes its share of social responsibility to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Of the many facilities allocated to eradicating the pandemic, the most notable include providing hospital beds, ventilators, vaccination centers, and medical consultation. These facilities are included in the venues and destination points to ensure compliance with the safety measures that mitigate the devastating effects of covid-19.

Now, we turn our attention to the venues and places themselves that Fabvenues.in has in its repertoire. From marriage, banquet, and concert halls, the online marketplace has you covered for matrimonies and musical events. For rental residences, the lodgings available include hotel rooms, villas, bungalows, apartments, farmhouses, and resorts. So, there are options for all kinds of budgets and needs, both practical and luxurious. For arts events, there are amphitheaters to allow for theatrical performances just as they were in times of old. As was mentioned above, business-related activities and requirements for premises are also covered in the company digital catalog. Well-equipped studios enable the photo and video shooting of advertisements and other media as part of marketing campaigns. Organizations can even set up their product exhibitions in the many trade centers present in so many cities. The same is true for the available spacious mall galleries.

Fabvenues Team

Furthermore, if clients need customization where all they need are open grass-matted spaces, for which they can provide catering and arrangements according to their needs, then that option is available too. Presently, the company is on the lookout for investors that will provide around $2 million. This capital will go towards marketing, operations, and the development of the mobile app. With the mobile app once operational, the company will achieve its goal of accelerating its growth.

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But we have saved the best for the last as this innovative digital marketplace gives access to people across India to exotic places. For those looking for adventures and thrills in places in nature, there are three options available. Firstly, those looking for vacations can take to lush, green mountains engulfed in curtains of fogs. Many people seek proximity with nature to achieve inner peace and relaxation. And by booking your tarpaulin tents in the mountains and hills, a reinvigorating retreat is clicks away. This facility extends to riding on the daunting and soothing ocean waves on sturdy and comfortable vessels. An adventure into the seas can be booked beforehand with the website’s services. Finally, both mountains and the sea require mobility and some physical exertion. But if you need a cozy place to unfurl, there are also Treehouses available in the lush open spaces.

To wrap it up, stay or events, business or leisure, Fabvenues.in has you covered for your venue requirements. Fabvenues.in, Book Places.

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