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Home Startup Ekatrra - Taking India to the World A creative, design based platform

Ekatrra – Taking India to the World A creative, design based platform

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India is a land full of creative talent and have art & craft techniques that are mastered through generations. Ekatrra is a platform for such creativity. We feature young & established Indian designers and their products, employing traditional techniques, to sell their beautiful collections internationally.

Ekatrra is a Sanskrit word which means “in one place” and ours is a truly the one place to find the best of designers from India. We not only work as a B2C platform but are also exploring B2B sector to cater to bulk requirements internationally. We are capable of providing the best of workmanship, customizations, and myriad of design sensibilities through our designers.  


Ekatrra is essentially a niche platform, and following its trajectory to become “the one” place to find the finest curations and exceptional designer products from India.

Though primarily a retailer in clothing and accessories, Ekatrra is now looking to expand to other categories including arts, interior, furniture, and home & furnishings to feature designer brands in these segments too.

Ms. Kanika Yadav, Founder, had this vision when she decided to launch the platform 2 years ago. An interior design graduate and a design enthusiast, she was aware of the gap in the online space to showcase niche products to their customers, amidst the sprouting of various online portals catering to mass markets. This gap is what she’s tried to fill.


Kanika Yadav’s Journey with Ekatrra

Although it was easier to start, the journey forward has been challenging but enjoyable. Despite various road blocks, we are a spirited bootstrapped startup and growing up has been a very enriching experience. It has made us stronger in our resolve and journey has proven to be a great learning opportunity.

“The journey has helped us to grow as a company, to have a better understanding of the business dynamics and enabled us to meet and know inspiring people. We are still standing strong because we’ve learnt from our experiences to make ourselves better and we plan to stick around for times to come.” 

“We are completely customer centric. The quality and craftsmanship of our products are the biggest pull factor for our customers. Our target market is niche and our customers understand the pricing vs. quality balance and often return to us for repeat orders.  They know the worth of the unique, handmade, finest quality products that we offer and are happy with their investment. As most of our products are not produced in bulk, we often make the products on order and hence are able to offer customization of the products to the customers, whenever possible. This is an added advantage for the customers and they are quite happy to communicate their preferences to us, and we make sure it reaches them just as they like it.” Said Ekatrra Team


The customers look for quality vs. price balance and good after sales support and Ekatrra feel they are on the right path in taking care of these first. 

With time, the team has been able to create alternate sources of revenue.. Apart from e-commerce, they are also offering their expert services like trousseau planning for customers.

The team has plans to introduce similar services in other design fields soon. They also offer digital services to the designers and other clients which include creative aspects like photography, branding, PR, creative’s design for social media and related consultancies.

The team is also looking forward to launching its first offline store soon.

“With these plans and developments, we hope to take Ekatrra to new heights in times to come.


We have been getting better at bootstrapping as we have been able to cut our costs drastically,  have developed efficient work systems using modern technology and are working absolutely fine with an ad hoc team of professionals. At the moment, we are happy being bootstrapped as we are able to sustain ourselves and are exploring new avenues for growth…

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