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Crowdholding :Co-create with the crowd

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Crowdholding, a startup created by young people with a vision for an economy where companies and the crowd co-create products and services, allowing the public to give ideas and feedback for future revenue. You can shape how the future wealth is distributed and what products or services are created. Dedicating as much time as you want to post surveys and start discussions ranging from basic tasks to solving complex problems.

Ethan Clime was a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in the Republic of Moldova who worked in rural villages on business and development projects. What he noticed was that international development was very bureaucratic with little of the money actually going to the people. The biggest need in Moldova was job creation, as a large percent of the public was unemployed.


In addition, the money used for development purposes was not going into the industry to create jobs for the people. After his contract ended, Ethan decided to start his own business with fellow co-founders Aleks Bozhinov and Henry Ashley- Copper that addresses the very problem he saw in Moldova. This new application could, in fact, employ millions.

The concept is called Crowdholding that allows businesses to share revenue or future revenue to the public for feedback and ideas.
The public beta has been up and running since the 16th of March and already has over 10 startups on board sharing !% of their revenue to the public. Back in December, Crowdholding had a huge hurdle. The investor who was planning on investing backed out and Crowdholding was left with 0 funds but needed to scale in order to finish the beta they had started for a launch by March. Instead of giving up, they found a way to scale to 21 volunteers all inspired and believing in the cause Crowdholding.

Crowdholding :Co-create with the crowd


It turns out, you don’t need money to scale or develop a product if you can bring people together on a cause you are trying to solve, which is exactly is what Crowdholding will bring to the public.

Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for future revenue.

Every startup on our application is sharing 1% of their revenue to the public by rewarding a crowd currency we call “crowdshares.” One percent of revenue equals 1 million crowdshares. They then use these crowdshares when giving out tasks on an upvoting forum.The crowd, which we call “Crowdholders” gives feedback and ideas regarding the task and votes their favorite solution.


The crowdshares for that task is then distributed by the ranking of the votes. Crowdshares have a one-year expiration date from the day the company begins making revenue on the day the shares are distributed. For the first time, entrepreneurs can have the public work for them and validate their product! And if you are a Crowdholder, the content you produce is finally worth something!

If you want to Discuss More with Ethan Clime, CEO of Crowdholding.  you can reach “ethan@crowdholding.com” 

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