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Behind Talkies Is The New Go-to Entertainment Portal

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Since its inception, this startup has managed to give the bigger portals a run for their money

The Covid era as many have started to call it has caused many around the world to spend a lot of time, if not most, indoors. This has led to a lot more time spent in front of screens – desktop, mobile or other forms of multimedia. A lot of entrepreneurs have used the opportunity to start businesses that cater to those who are couped up in their homes. As has been the case around the world, India too has seen many new news outlets springing up or existing ones increasing their reach.

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While many startups have come and gone at the same speed, Behind Talkies has been one that has not only cemented its objectives but also further increased its reach multifold. Although this news startup was launched in 2017, it has during the lockdown period, used the time to carefully carve out a good niche of audience. Behind Talkies is an entertainment news portal that focuses on South Indian entertainment with more emphasis on Tamil entertainment. This vernacular medium has been a hit for the past four years where it has combined its editorial prowess with careful distribution strategies, thus enabling it to extend its reach.

Behind Talkies Entertainment Portal

Editorial integrity is and has been at the heart of the work ethic at Behind Talkies. The editors have ensured that credibility is at the forefront of all stories. The team has put in place a robust system of checks which ensures that whatever is put has been carefully sieved through layers of fact-checking processes. For an entertainment website, this is what stands out. But while too many layers of checking and rechecking can slow the whole process of putting out news stories, what Behind Talkies has done

is ensure that the team still is one of the first to be on the scene of a news piece. What this startup has done is ensure that its users get all the information unadulterated and with haste.

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This two-thronged attack that the team has put in place has undoubtedly ensured that Behind Talkies becomes one of the most sought-after news outlets by readers and potential advertisers alike. Their editorial prowess has enabled the team to not only build a very loyal audience but also widen its horizon and gain new readers as well. Post-2020, the website has seen a tremendous increase in traffic and with each passing week and month, the team is crossing one milestone after the other. This has enabled it to generate more than sufficient revenue as well, something that even the bigger media outlets, especially those that are dependent on just online revenue, have struggled with. And in the meantime, their other ventures including Cooking recipes in Tamil are also getting noted by a reading community.

At a time when there is a dearth of quality news websites among the clutter, Behind Talkies has ensured that it stands out and it has also shown that it doesn’t require media behemoths to gain a share of the online audience.

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