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AidaForm: An Online Service to Create Custom Forms, Applications, and Platforms

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AidaForm is an online form creator that enables small and medium-sized businesses to create forms. As the business world grows digital at an exponential rate, the need for digital services has grown accordingly. It has become a hassle to make things from scratch. Innovations in software and technology have now enabled the creation of templates and software that allow customized forms, applications, and platforms.

The company now offers its service globally after firmly planting its feet in this market. They provide a robust and easy-to-use methodology for creating online forms: contact, registration, payment, survey, test, assessments, and a vast range of online quizzes. Since 2020, the company has endeavored and planned to develop into an online no-code platform to allow businesses to build their own business platforms. These decisions have made the digital service popular among small and medium-sized companies.

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AidaForm is based in Germany, the company is selling its services worldwide. But its largest market is located in the USA and DACH markets. The company was the vision of its four founders, who spent years accumulating profound knowledge and expertise in software development and online marketing. The company’s success was that it reached breakeven the first year after its launch. The innovative design and ease of use made the services highly popular among users, serving to accelerate growth.

Here is what Albina Zakharenko, AidaForm Co-founder, the Head of Marketing and Sales, had to say:

I have been practicing online marketing for software companies and startups since 2004, doing PPC advertisement, SEO, PR, newsletter communication, and other vital activities to extend the companies’ online presence. I had worn so many online marketer hats that my next step seemed natural: I wanted to help other businesses be confident and efficient while doing online marketing!

The idea behind AidaForm is to provide every business, even small and offline-oriented, with an easy-to-use tool for creating eye-catching lead generation, survey, and assessment forms to establish and develop the company on the internet.

The company’s digital services are trusted by large companies and small startups. They express overall satisfaction with the services, rating it as high as 4.6 out of 5. Although the company is still in its initial stage of development, its prosperity has high acceleration and has great promise for the future. The company takes pride in being included on different lists of best form building software compiled by independent resources: 10 Best Free Survey Tools by Capterra, Top 4 Typeform Alternatives by GetApp, Leader in Online Form Builder Category on G2, and others.

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The company puts effort into receiving and implementing customer feedback. This feedback is about business development ideas ass the company believes that the customers have valuable insights to share about making businesses thrive and prosper.

“If your company or project has a brand new idea that you can build upon the AidaForm service, just drop us a line to discuss how we can help!”

Alexander Grigorev, Co-founder and CTO, had the following comments to give:

“Security, data protection, and the best user experience are AidaForm’s main priorities. Listening to our users’ requests helped us quickly deliver solutions to our clients that helped them cope with the COVID-19 situation, making AidaForm stand out in the payment form provider niche. AidaForm’s modern architecture and the employment of the latest technologies allow us to build custom business solutions upon AidaForm’s base functionality. Turning AidaForm into a platform to build customer business platforms is one of the major development challenges for the next few years!”

One of the examples of a custom business solution powered by the company is the Cassudy assessment test. Cassudy is a German business that introduced a suite of online tools; this tools targeted at people diagnostics, specifically designed for use in a professional business environment. The project was an innovation of professionals with extensive knowledge of the business. These individuals had a solid scientific background but a sporadic understanding of computer programming. Nevertheless, the Cassudy team had innovative ideas to develop scientifically and statistically proven assessment tests. These tests amalgamated well-established traditional assessment approaches with those invented by the Cassudy team. In 2021, Cassudy contacted the company to investigate if they could use its services and platform to elevate their business. Hence began a successful collaboration between the two companies. Since then, Cassudy has created dozens of custom screening tests to identify, manage and develop leaders.

The company acknowledges that financial investments are vital. However, they are not the company’s center of attention, as many problems cannot be resolved with finances alone. Hence, the company welcomes investors with the creative aptitude, resources, experience, connections, and the willingness to dedicate themselves to the company’s vision.

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Company’s Message to customers and public:

“Getting investments is an important stage in every startup’s life. Fast growth is regarded as an indicator of success and is rarely possible without a solid financial basis. When looking for investments, startup founders may often think they’re going to get money from the first investor who offers it. But with time comes the understanding that it’s not just money —a partner who makes decisions, and the partner must be the right person for your business! This is precisely the idea that AidaForm shares. Being a startup, AidaForm is constantly considering all promising opportunities and is looking for ways to bring financial investments and expertise to the project. At the moment, AidaForm is using the money earned from the project and believes in time, it will find partners willing to invest their time and effort, along with their money, into growing a next-generation platform!”

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