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Achievable: Modern Exam Prep That Leverages Technology To Help You Succeed

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Achievable exam preparation is a test prep platform that guides users through a personalized learning experience, reinforcing the material they have studied to impart confidence that they’re ready to ace their exams. The platform employs advanced science education methodologies and personalization engines to optimize the learning experience for optimal results.

The platform currently offers a GRE exam course, FINRA exam courses, ACT exam course, USMLE Step 1 exam course, and AMC exam courses. The platform’s resources are prevalent among exam takers in the finance industry, where employees need to pass FINRA licensing exams like the FINRA SIE exam to get jobs and expand the scope of their role.

The company was founded by Justin Pincar and Tyler York with a vision to assist exam takers using the most advanced technology. Tyler York is an entrepreneur and marketing professional with a proven track record as a problem solver and organizational leader. With over 12 years of experience in startups, mobile gaming, and education, Tyler has brought dozens of products and services to market, generating millions per year in revenue. He is driven in his ventures and endeavors by the vision to connect customers with products they love that help them reach their goals. Presently, he acts as the Chief Executive Officer of Achievable.

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Justin Pincar is an entrepreneur in the technology sector with over 13 years of experience. In his illustrious career, he has architected products used by billions of people daily, amplifying business outcomes by incorporating the discipline of engineering in product design and production. Passionate about education and student success, Justin has designed adaptive learning platforms and learning management systems leveraged by accredited universities and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. He is the company’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, a technical consultant for businesses of all stages, and an engineering mentor.

Through his work in education technology, Justin saw firsthand the power of adaptive learning. More importantly, he observed a memory-based learning method called spaced rehearsal. He saw how this unique teaching technique, integrated properly into a learning experience, dramatically improved student outcomes. Spaced rehearsal is popular in the language learning community and used ad hoc in the classroom but has not been widely applied to test preparation. Justin saw the opportunity to build a vertically integrated solution that gave total control over the learning experience for maximum benefit to the student. Achievable was how Justin Pincar brought to life to his innovative idea of applying spaced rehearsal to test prep.

The two founders, Tyler York and Justin Pincar met at Carnegie Mellon University as roommates. After spending two years together as roommates, the two started a couple of companies after college and before starting their careers. While Tyler’s career focused on gaming and advertising, Justin’s career took him first to Google and then to multiple Ed-Tech startups, where he was the engineering leader and product architect. After maturing and becoming more proficient in their respective fields, the two former roommates reunited in 2016 to start Achievable.

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The Achievable test prep platform has worked with thousands of students to help them reach their target scores across multiple verticals: FINRA, GRE, and USMLE Step 1. Each exam serves a different type of customer. FINRA exams are the licensing certifications required for wealth management and other roles in the finance industry. The platform’s FINRA customers are people who work in finance and need to pass these certifications to do their job or expand the scope of their role. The GRE is a commonly used graduate school admissions test for universities in the United States. The platform’s GRE customers are people looking to attend a graduate program in the US, including MBA (business) programs. The USMLE Step 1 is the first part of the United States Medical Licensing Examinations. The test prep platform’s USMLE Step 1 customers are US medical students who wish to seek licensure to practice medicine in the US and typically take Step 1 at the end of their second year of medical school.

Besides buying their products for exam prep needs, the company’s loyal and happy customers can help and support them by spreading the word! Achievable’s programs are highly effective and have stellar reviews, but as a new entrant into the test preparation industry, they are still not easily recognized by most consumers. By sharing their experience using the platform’s products, fans of the company can assist in getting their product into more people’s hands and help their friends and colleagues by introducing them to a great resource.

The company is projected to be profitable by 2023. At the time of writing this article, the company is not looking for investors.

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Message To Customers:

“Customers, thank you for your support! We are honored to have you trust us to ace your most important high-stakes exams. Viewers, if you are looking for test prep materials for the GRE, USMLE Step 1, ACT, AMC, or FINRA exams, we’d love to have you try our courses. Every Achievable course guides you through a personalized learning experience, reinforcing what you’ve learned and giving you the certainty that you’re ready to pass your exam. Achievable courses are all you need to succeed and include an easy-to-understand online textbook, chapter quiz questions, and plenty of full-length practice exams. Visit https://achievable.me to learn more and see if we are right for you.”

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