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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Home Startup A Different Kind of E-commerce

A Different Kind of E-commerce

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When it comes to online shopping, we often think of Amazon or eBay. These two shopping websites still stand today, offering various products. Their success has inspired many to set up online shop like Plain Los Angeles, an ecommerce website that lets you shop clothes online whether it be for men or for women. Established in 2019, the said site for casuals clothing offers plain wear but of good quality, promoting a minimalist lifestyle when it comes to fashion. Similar to Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs’ iconic monotonous wardrobe, Plain LA is somehow inspired by that kind of fashion ideal.

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Upon checking the site, the plain black hoodie and shirt tops are highlighted as the main items of Plain LA. Various customer reviews show that consumers are happy with their purchase/s. It seems to be a good brand which is true enough to what it stands for. But aside from the plain simple attire merchandise, various accessories are available, too. The iPhone accessories and minimalist wallets seem to be hot purchases from the site aside from the plain outfits. We’ve gotten our hands on some of the iPhone accessories particularly the iPhone wallet phone case and ultra slim iPhone battery case. The items arrived in perfect condition and the shopping experience was smooth. No problems in payment (various options available) and shipping. We didn’t get to experience the website’s customer chat function since we didn’t experience problems with our order so we can’t really evaluate their customer service on that part. Let us know if you have thoughts or experience on that. Hopefully, they don’t have bad customer service. Speaking of customer service, the website states that they offer refunds and returns just in case.

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But those aren’t what simply separates Plain Los Angeles from other internet shopping sites. For every order purchased, a portion from the revenue is donated to tree planting efforts and the counter in the site makes it very transparent to how much the business has helped. It entices buyers to shop further thanks to brand advocacy. From a business standpoint, it works especially since many consumers are willing to purchase if it is a way for them to help or make a social impact. Plain LA offers some eco-friendly products, too, which seems to complement the overall save-a-tree and save-the-environment advocacy of the brand.

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Consumerism is a guilty pleasure and attaching an environmental cause to it is an effective way to help consumers rid themselves of buyer’s remorse. Other fashion or shopping brands may have their own respective advocacies as well but a much more direct and transparent approach will indeed be more effective especially in quick conversions. The plain jane minimalist fashion lifestyle theme of the brand ties well with its environmental consciousness. It’s good to see that businesses are setting up shop with unique ways of capturing customers and that they have placed heart into their business as well, not just wanting to rake in revenue.

When further browsing the site, Plain Los Angeles reveals that it consists of a younger workforce which is probably millennials or Gen Z. Businesses and processes do prosper faster when managed by tech-savvy, young-blooded individuals. Hopefully, this young business thrives further and encourages more online shopping sites to take heart and bring advocacy into their business as well. Nice to know that younger people are not just into digital games or entertainment but are also into creating social impact through their digital lifestyle/generation.

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Plain L.A. is on social media via Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok as well which is updated so it’s best to check those out. 

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