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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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What are the Foreign Countries With Great Opportunities For Startups

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With countries across the globe opening up its economy and borders for business, there is no geographical limitation for the modern entrepreneur. If you are eager to start a new business, you can check out several countries that allow easy and quick startup business for foreigners.

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Countries that permit easy startup business for foreigners

  • Japan: This country promotes entrepreneurial activities and offers advanced technology and resources to carry out any type of business. Although a Big market, its proximity to Asia, Europe, and Africa combined with its citizens speaking good English is what makes it desirable for any entrepreneur to startup a business here.
  • Lucia: This small country is known for its highly educated, active, and able workforce and is among the most reliable place to startup a business for foreigners. Since it has high unemployment, getting the right people with strong command in the English language to do the job you can establish contacts easily with the local government to receive timely support. Living cost is also very low here.
  • Chile: This country carries out a government-sponsored program with an objective to woo new entrepreneurs. It also offers mentoring, office space and seed funding, etc.
  • New Zealand: It is possible to start your business within a day here since it invites very less restrictions and no hassles. You can fund your new business as you get easy credit access and also enjoy the user-friendly business environment.
  • Serbia: This country is fast gaining popularity for IT programming, outsourcing and application development, thus being termed to be an extended European center. The multilingual, highly educated workforce, combined with attractive incentives provided offered to foreign IT investments and competitive wage structure is what lures foreign investments and entrepreneurs.
  • India: This country has managed to eliminate the long process and red tape bureaucracy that rules for several decades. With infrastructure being developed at a rapid pace and the country boasting of being a democratic and home to the world’s largest diversified population, it welcomes startup business for foreigners. There are immense opportunities here for multinationals, investors, and new entrepreneurs alike. It also has English speaking, highly talented, well educated, and sincere, employable workers.
  • Spain: Barcelona is a wonderful place to set up your new business if you are online and want to enhance employee happiness. This beautiful, sunny cosmopolitan has English speaking community in huge numbers ready to accept work at lower wages when compared to major US cities.

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The above are just a few of the many countries that invite startup businesses for foreigners without much hassle.

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