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What Businesses can You Start Remotely

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The whole world currently seems to have adopted WFH (Work From Home) concept due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19 virus. Technology has made it possible for entrepreneurs to come up with remote business ideas and establish their own business from their home. There is no more need to rent a room, manage employees or commute to office. With some ideas, you can start a business from your existing space.

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8 stay at home business ideas to try out

1. Sell homemade products

Perhaps, you have a passion to create something at home. you can make this hobby a successful business just with some determination. You can improve its quality and make it more cost-effective. You can either develop your own storefront or start from a common marketplace like Amazon. Some examples include jewelry items, candles, cosmetics, apparel, food, art, etc.

2. Bulk purchase and online sales

A good number of businesses are conducted simply by importing bulk products and selling them for profit individually. Make sure that these products are durable and easy to shop. For example, blue light blocking-glasses are durable and small enough to be stored within your home. You can also use your home as your initial showroom and sell locally or online.

3. Print-on-demand business

For this type of business, you can use dropshipping model. No inventory is required or to ship the products yourself. Print-on-demand business allows you greater flexibility to personalize white label products using own creative designs. When online business is concerned, you can sell hats, t-shirts, books, blankets, backpacks, mugs, pillows, blankets, hoodies, shoes, watches, phone cases, etc. What to send will be based on your suppliers.

how to start print on demand business

4. Dropshipping store:

You can come across idea to take off shipping and inventory from your hands. Such businesses promote dropshipping model. In this case, it is the third party that stores, produces and ships products that you plan to sell on your behalf. Your chief responsibilities will be just customer service and marketing. You can have overseas or local dropshipping supplier. However, the supplier should after excellent after-sales customer experience.

5. Productize expertise or service

Service-based business means you will be paid strictly for your effort, skills and time only. One lucrative online business is to ‘Productize’ your services. You can simply create physical or digital products to package your expertise. Then complement or streamline the offered services. It is sure to help derive additional business revenue stream. Some ideas include designs, courses, downloadable reports, license assets, eBooks, merchandise, digital templates, etc.

6. Sell your expertise or services

When compared to products, services are quite simpler to start from home. However, the challenge faced is trying to allocate limited time. Creative professionals such as marketers, designers, etc. may consult or freelance with other companies. They need to juggle multiple clients remotely with occasional travel. There are others may operate depending on bookings and appointments to offer direct services. Some stay-at-home business ideas of this category include house cleaning, tutoring, personal training, freelance writing, designing, marketing, dog-walking, virtual assistance, etc.

7. Invest in existing eCommerce business

This is an option available to enjoy doing business from home. prices may vary depending on several factors like profit potential, total revenue generated, inventory, available assets, etc. You can consider ‘Exchange’ a popular marketplace that is Shopify powered to buy and sell ecommerce stores. Go through the business listings and find out what suits your specific needs, experience and budget.

8. Develop an audience to monetize:

You may plan to start your own podcast, Instagram account, YouTube channel or blog. You can grow your audience over time and monetize your account. Also, become an affiliate promoting products/services of other businesses to increase your earning potentiality.

With the above remote business ideas, you can immediately start your home-based business and achieve success.

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