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How To Build A Lucrative Ecommerce Business

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From e-commerce leaders to small companies, the business world has witnessed a progression in the rise of e-commerce. It’s forecasted that by 2021, e-commerce sales will reach nearly USD$5 billion. The numbers indicate how well e-commerce is flourishing. 

Business is no longer business as usual. We have swiftly moved from buying products and services physically from establishments to performing online transactions through e-commerce platforms right from the comfort of our various homes. Aside from buying, we can source e-commerce products, do dynamic data analysis, and earn more money through tools such as Amazon sourcing software.

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However, building an e-commerce business isn’t a walk in the park. You’ve got to understand basic steps and strategies that’ll help you build an e-commerce business that thrives. Find below some of the best ways to start a lucrative e-commerce business, whether you’re starting from scratch or expanding your business:

  • Define Your Niche

Building an e-commerce business begins with defining your unique offering. That is, what unique products and services will you be providing? It’s impossible to sell everything everyone else is selling. Hence, you should define the value you’ll be offering your market. 

How to start a successful ecommerce business lucrative e-commerce business

In defining your niche, however, you must ensure your business idea is relevant, viable, and feasible. You can study already existing successful businesses in your niche; this will give you an idea of what the market wants and will pay for. You then use this information to choose what your business will focus on. 

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  • Define Your Market

A target market refers to the specific group of people your products and services will serve. Amazon has its market among writers and publishers who want to sell their products to people worldwide. After defining what you’re selling, you should define whom you’ll be selling it to. 

Create buyers’ profiles by asking questions like who’s my target audience? Where are they located? Why would they be interested in buying from me? What’s their uniqueness? And what problems will they want my products and services to solve for them? Answers to these questions help you have a good idea of your market.

  • Study The Competition

The e-commerce industry is competitive. Your competitors could be the big shots in your niche or emerging companies who are also aspiring to disrupt the industry. You must be aware of both your existing and potential competitors. Learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Doing so will help you develop business strategies that give you an edge and make you a good profit. 

  • Choose A Business Model

Your e-commerce business needs to have a sustainable business model. There are different models available that you can adopt for your business.

It could be a subscription model where customers have to pay for repeated service or a dropshipping model where buyers can place their orders. For a successful dropshipping model, you need to hire EcomCircles that provides automated software that handles stock, repricing, and order placement for you.

 You direct the orders to the product seller who ships them to the customer’s address. 

Warehousing is another model you can consider. You can purchase goods and products at a low bulk price and resell them to profit. Your choice of model should be determined by the products and services you want to sell. 

  • Start Marketing

Marketing is about getting your products and service out for your target customers to notice and eventually patronize. There are different marketing strategies you can adopt. Social media marketing is a common strategy. With Facebook and Instagram, you can place your ads in the user’s feed. The platforms will make your target customers notice your brand and patronize you. 

You can also get influencers (popular people with a large following) to talk about your business. Google ads and adverts are also ways you can market your business. Choose the strategy that works best for your business.

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  • Be Accountable

Building a business can be challenging, and staying on track can sometimes seem a huge task to accomplish. Having someone to hold you accountable for your actions and results will help you stay strong, committed, and progressive.

  • Stay Lean

As a start, learn to prioritize profit by keeping your expenses low. You don’t have to buy everything you think you need. Until spending is necessary, choose to invest your earnings back into your business rather than spend it all. Try to keep the gap between revenue and expenses as large as possible. 


While there’s no guarantee that all e-commerce businesses launched will succeed, your e-commerce business stands a great chance of succeeding if built the right way. The steps above will help you create a lucrative business, even if you’re a newbie or an experienced entrepreneur who wants to expand into the e-commerce industry.

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