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Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Great Healthcare Startups for the Year 2020

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Healthcare is an important domain that has plenty of room for research and innovation. Over the years, many startup companies have invested their time and effort on healthcare. Today, this is one of the world’s most successful industries. With this being said, here are few interesting healthcare startups to focus on, for the year 2020.



#1 EasyLabs of Canada

EasyLabs of Canada

EasyLabs is a famous venture in Canada. It focuses on diagnostic support, analytics, and testing. The company has a very meaningful mission. It focuses on handling patient information. Consequently, these details can be retrieved at any time by doctors to know more about their patients. And, that is how doctors ensure better clinical results. EasyLab allows patients and doctors to retrieve information in multiple languages.

Primary focus: This startup focuses on preventive care with accurate patient information.

#2 OncoChain of Romania

patient centric care

OncoChain is definitely one of the most successful and efficient implementations of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain in the field of healthcare. This startup focuses on patient-centric care. Its solutions are used in various pharmaceutical companies, research ventures, care facilities, and CROs. The platform strategically connects patients with their healthcare service providers.


#3 MedicPad of Romania



Another successful healthcare startup from Romania would be MedicPad. The goal of this company is to manage medical records in the cloud. MedicPad is a cloud-based solution that connect doctors and patients across the world. Through this solution, it becomes easier for doctors to access medical records, and offer better care. MedicPad can be accessed through mobile applications and on desktop machines. It is highly versatile and efficient.

Primary Focus: Creation of patient management systems that can be deployed in the cloud.

#4 miiCare of United Kingdom

miiCare of United Kingdom

What miiCare does is truly interesting. This is an artificial intelligence-based technology for elders. Keeping elders safe at home is always a challenge. With this application, elders feel connected with their loved ones, and they feel more comfortable. This is because the application captures the health details of the patient and shares it with others in the group.

Primary focus: A medical application for keeping elders connected with family.


#5 AIDA Diagnostics of Poland

AIDA Diagnostics

Finally, you have AIDA Diagnostics. This is an efficient blood management tool. The system aims to reduce the overall cost of implementing medical procedures. Once again, this startup invests lots of time and effort on artificial intelligence. It keeps track of lab results and aims to in reducing the prices of blood therapies.


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