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Space Nation ‘Asgardia’ Just Launched Its First Satellite

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If you’re getting too tired of Earth with all its breathable air and gravity, there may soon be a home for you among the stars. Everything is considered, at any rate, in a soul. Asgardia has successfully gotten a satellite into orbit, in this way grabbing a tried and true adjustment as the fundamental “space nation” ever. It’s continuously delegating progress, and Asgardia has far to go before it can be seen as a “real” country.

Asgardia is the brainchild of Russian analyst Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, who revealed the wander in late 2016. Thus, just a year later, Asgardia kind of exists. Asgardia is permitted to join; consequently, more than 100,000 people have done so in that capacity. The satellite itself is a 2U CubeSat, which is about the size of a loaf of bread. It is not the most auspicious of beginnings for the first space nation; however, every kingdom needs to start somewhere. The citizens of Asgardia contributed data to the satellite, which is carrying a 500GB solid-state drive filled with photos and documents.

The Asgardia-1 satellite was passed on to the International Space Station onboard an Orbital ATK Cygnus supply ship. This was only one of a couple of satellites passed on by the remote vehicle; however, none of the others are relied upon to be their sovereign nations. After being unloaded, the crew launched the CubeSats into space using methods for the Japanese lab module’s airlock.

Ashurbeyli has spoken at last about his vision for Asgardia, and it’s completely astonishing. He sees the space nation at last being created to contain different satellites and encased conditions that can have Asgardian occupants. The goals of Asgardia are to improve access to technology, make sensible discoveries, and protect Earth from asteroids and other space threats. For what it’s worth, he seems to be genuine in his desire to manufacture a technological utopia in space. As for making Asgardia a true legal entity, that is still really far away.


To be seen as a country at the UN, Asgardia needs to get support from the UN Security Council. By then, its admission must be approved by the full General Assembly by a two-thirds majority. For the most part, a nation is quite recent when it has a permanent population, a governing body, and the ability to work together with various nations. Asgardia doesn’t have that right now—Asgardian inhabitants still live on Earth, and there’s no working government to address it.

Maybe in a few years, we’ll recall this little satellite as the start of something. Potentially, Asgardia will transform into a thriving space nation thanks to science and exploration, or maybe it’ll be the place where the space mafia launders its space bucks.

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