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Social Media Smarts: How to Give your Business the Right Personality

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Establishing your online brand identity is a key way you can grow your business. Social media is the perfect way to speak directly to your customers and give your business a real identity, as opposed to coming across as a faceless, nameless corporation.

People love social media and there are almost 2 billion uses that log onto social media sites every month. So the opportunity to reach a vast community of people to sell to is almost infinite. Facebook is one of the most successful platforms for businesses. With over 175 million daily users, people are almost as likely to access your business’ Facebook page as they are to look at your actual website. Blogs like bullpreneur delve deep into these topics all the time because of how successful social media can be for a company.

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Here are some of the ways you can increase your business’ success using social media:

1. Make them laugh

When a company can successfully make people laugh, they will make themselves more human and approachable, and encourage more organic interaction between repeat or potential customers. It’s an ideal way to build your company’s online personality and will help them relate to your business.

2. Use real people

Stock photos don’t make anyone feel like they’re connected to a company. In fact, stock photos have been shown to be something people don’t just dislike, it’s something that could actually turn them away from a company. This doesn’t mean you need to hunt through your office for someone who is willing to act as your company model, but it does mean you should be more aware of the stock photos you are using. Focus on more realistic people in natural settings. The images don’t need to directly relate to your business or be doing “business things”, they just need to be approachable and real looking.

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3. Ask your customers questions

Social Media customers

Don’t wait for your customers to engage with you, instead, encourage them by asking questions that start a conversation. Use words like “should” and “would you” in your statuses to encourage people to give their advice or share opinions. Of course, don’t ask anything political or controversial. Instead, try to ask a question vaguely related to your business or ask people fun, light questions like: “if you were invisible for a day, what’s the first thing you would do?”

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4. Showcase your talents

People often go to a company’s Facebook page to see a company’s work. They want to see examples of your work, or pictures of your office or team, and see reviews and how you interact with your customers. Social media is the perfect place to showcase what your company does well and to encourage people to interact with your company and reach out for a quote.

5. Share user-generated content

Follow the people who follow you and review you to see if they ever post any cool content that might be related to your business or the area in which you work. People love to see their content shared and it will show everyone how awesome your product or service is, and how great your customers are (and how much they like you).

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