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Six Ecommerce Business Tips For New Entrepreneurs

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You may be interested to start an eCommerce business. But it is not an easy task and will require you to do some in-depth research on the subject. Fortunately, you can find lots of eCommerce tips for beginners on the web some of which can help strengthen your eCommerce sales. But without appropriate strategies in place, most ideas will not work out as expected. To survive in today’s growing competition, you need to be familiar with the different strategies. Otherwise, chances are you will never take off and perish soon.

Objectives of Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

The main goal for the majority of the businesses is to increase online sales, irrespective of their size. Trying to boost sales via different online channels is likely to take plenty of dedication and effort. It does not matter if you are employed with an eCommerce giant or run a retail business. However, you are likely to face more challenges if having a shoestring budget. There is no need to play second fiddle.

Top eCommerce tips for beginners to follow

  • Get to know the slow-selling items: You may have some slow-moving products which will only decelerate your business growth and reduce cash flow. Hence, closeout sales will be essential. Such discounts offered can help attract new customers and sell out these slow-moving items. Consider those stock items like:
    • Seasonal
    • Perishable
    • Generate updated or newer versions
  • Real-time personalization: Websites having content like promotions, offers, ads, etc. appear irrelevant to approximately 74% of online consumers if it beyond their interest. No more is ‘spray-and-pray’ marketing techniques used. To gain and retain good customers, offer them with a personalized shopping experience. Promote relevant offers, thus increasing the chances of more sales. 73% customers prefer interacting with brands which use personal information to develop interesting and relevant experience. Aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs should send across personalized marketing messages based on customer’s preferences, interests and browsing history. It should be targeted and relevant. Sites providing personalized recommendations compel about 45% of customers to buy from them. If customers do not complete their checkout process on the desktop, provision should be offered to fulfill the transaction through their smartphone. However, try not to invade privacy.
  • Include live chat: Customers can make good use of live chat to interact with your employees. They can express their concerns or ask questions to make a well-educated buying decision. This, in turn, increases conversion rates, thereby developing an enhanced brand shopping experience. Live chat helps discover some common problems that your customer experiences. eCommerce entrepreneurs can improve healthy conversions by resolving customers’ problems.

Top ecommerce tips for beginners

  • Develop a mobile-friendly website: For any business, a mobile-optimized, responsive site is an absolute necessity. Google survey conducted revealed that 61% of consumers preferred only to interact with mobile-friendly sites. The truth is mobile-only users seem to have exceeded desktop users all over the world. To optimize conversions, an enhanced mobile experience should be offered. Some things to consider include:
    • Responsive site
    • Fast loading site
    • Simplify checkout process
    • Optimize mobile site as well as improve site search
  • Free shipping: Offering customers free shipping facilities is one of the crucial eCommerce tips for beginners to follow. Approximately, 84% of consumers preferred shopping from those brands that offer free shipping and delivery. About 75% of consumers prefer to interact with those portals that offered free shipping promotions instead of other discounts or promotions.
  • Reward loyal customers: Loyal customers are worth about 10 times like that of their first-time purchase. Selling probability to new customers is around 5 to 20|% against 60 to 70% existing customers. It is easy and affordable to retain existing clients than to attract new customers.

Following the eCommerce tips for beginners will help your new or existing business to run successfully.

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