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Samsung the Frame TV: An Investment You Won’t Regret

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If you’re planning to get a new TV but do not want to of settle for a mediocre LED display TV, then you might want to check Samsung The Frame TV

There are hundreds of different TVs out on the market, each of them promising consumers something new. However, only a few can really deliver their promise and stand out from the competition—Samsung the Frame TV is one of them. With its stylish design and form-factor that is unlike other Samsung TVs, you are sure you’re getting something different and worth your money. Its QLED panel upgrade is also an improvement from its first iteration in 2017.

Samsung’s The Frame TV has undergone major overhaul in its design in 2021. It’s now a lot slimmer with more bezel customization options. It now comes with a tripod TV stand and can be placed on a wall-mounted shelf or hung in portrait mode (at least for the 43-inch size).

The 2021 model of the Frame TV cost pretty much the same as the 2020 model, so there’s not really any major difference in that area. But what does the 2021 model do differently? Even if it looks and functions better than the previous models, is there a downside that you need to know? This article will give you a breakdown of everything you need to know about Samsung’s Frame TV, from its specs, to its pricing, and everything in between.

The Frame TV: What is It?

The Frame TV series is one the numerous Designer TV’s offered by Samsung. The Frame TV’s design is inspired from that of a picture frame. It features a thick, metallic casing that gives its display a solid outline.

There are several color options for the Frame TV’s frame around the display, such as: black, white, brown, burgundy red, beige, and clay beige.

Another great thing about the Frame TV is that it allows you to use Art Mode—a TV setting that displays artworks, paintings, or photos instead of just keeping the screen blank when in idle mode. Think of it as something like an upgraded smart TV display. If you’re worried about power consumption while on Art Mode, don’t worry—it only uses up a small amount of power. This also means that you can calibrate your TV to match your interior décor better.

With Samsung’s Art Mode, you can gain access to hundreds—even thousands—of artworks from well-known collections around the world including the Van Gogh Museum, the V&A Museum, and the Tate Gallery.

You can place the Samsung The Frame TV on a counter, but it might look better on the wall thanks to its No Gap Wall Mount that keeps its display flush to the wall and make it blend better with its surroundings.

Samsung the frame tv led display tv

The Frame TV is basically art in the form of a TV—one that displays stunning artwork whenever it’s not in use. It’s designed to look like a framed work of art in your home.

What Are the Available Sizes for Samsung The Frame TV?

Although the 2018 version of the Frame TV only had three sizes available—43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch—the newer models has since expanded to accommodate more size options such as the 49-inch, and the massive 75-inch options. The 2021 release has retained all size options save for the 32-inch versions.

The wide range of sizing options only shows that the Frame TV can be customized according to your specific living situation. Whether you prefer a huge TV screen or one with a smaller display that can easily fit into a shelf, Samsung the Frame TV got your back.

One thing to note is that the small size option is quite an unusual move for a premium TV set as The Frame TV. We usually expect mediocre components for small TVs. Video resolution, however, has dropped from 4K UHD to just Full HD (1080p), although it’s not really that noticeable with such a compact screen.

The decision to include the smaller, 32-inch option is due to market research which revealed that 24% of people replace their TV for interior-related purposes. The 32-inch TV is meant to cater to the need for a transferable TV that can fit in any space no matter the size.

The smaller size was also intended to blend with the bedroom décor better compared to other larger size options.

The 32-inch model also comes with a Mini One Connect Box to help you declutter its smaller cables.

The Frame TV: Is it Worth It?

Is the Samsung the Frame TV a worthy investment considering its features and aesthetic factor? The answer is a huge YES. The Frame TV is an absolutely impressive innovative piece of technology. It looks stunning in Art Mode and takes your living room’s aesthetic to a whole new level. Imagine having a TV in your room without it looking like a TV.

Compared to bigger and bulkier TV and entertainment centers that take a lot of floor space and take the focal point away from the room, the Frame TV can be hung on a wall or above the fireplace, freeing much needed space. It also elevates the appearance of the room when it’s on Art Mode as it displays artwork instead of a boring, black screen.

For some people, the Frame TV might seem expensive or overpriced even. However, a product’s worth can mean differently to different people. While it may not be a necessity, the Frame TV is a luxury item worth splurging on, especially if you have the means to do so.


With its features, varying size options and quality, it’s safe to say that Samsung the Frame TV is an investment worth making. It’s not just any TV—it’s art! If you want to elevate your bedroom or living room design get this TV. It’s a completely functional and high-quality television that doubles as a stunning frame displaying beautiful artwork. It’s beautiful and high-quality—it can’t get any better than that.

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