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Samsung Foldable Phones In 2017; Comes In 3 Forms With Dual-Display Screen Feature

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Samsung Electronics is working on Samsung foldable phones, a ‘dual-screen’ smartphone that has flat screens on both sides as well as a phone with a single flexible OLED display, as per a report by Etnews. The company has been tipped to produce a small amount of dual-screen smartphones in 2017 in order to gain user response from the market.

The dual-screen smartphone features two flat displays on each side and even though the panel doesn’t bend itself, there is a hinge between the two displays that allows for the smartphone to have a foldable design. Once completely folded, the displays will be inside, and no longer visible.

On the other hand, the opposite foldable smartphone, anticipated to be launched subsequent to the dual-screen cellphone, is expected to function with a unique panel design as a way to be capable of bending, thereby allowing the device to have displays on each its back and front while folded completely.

This innovative concept is made viable by way of the integration of a genuinely foldable display, which necessitates the incorporation of highly advanced hardware components to perform seamlessly and deliver a user experience like no other. This groundbreaking technique to smartphone design is poised to redefine modern technology and establish a new generation of mobile devices that perfectly blend style and functionality.

Notably, Samsung has already given us a glimpse of its ‘in-foldable’ smartphone that sports a foldable display panel inside the smartphone. Quoting an expert from the industry, the report said,

“In-foldable Smartphone is seen as a first type of a foldable Smartphone. Out-foldable Smartphone is the next step of in-foldable Smartphone.”

In the out-foldable smartphones, the panels work even at the point where it is bent, as highlighted by Etnews. This innovative technology allows for seamless functionality across the entire display area, maintaining performance and quality regardless of the bending angle. Notably, Lenovo also demonstrated its advancements in flexible displays during its Tech World 2016 event held in June of this year, showcasing the potential for enhanced user experiences and versatile device designs.

Samsung garnered significant attention in anticipation of the Mobile World Congress 2017, as speculation arose around the unveiling of not one, but two smartphones boasting innovative bendable displays. As the tech world braced for this groundbreaking reveal, reports surfaced indicating that the agency’s ambitious timeline for the release of its foldable device faced unexpected hurdles due to the far-reaching repercussions of the Galaxy Note 7 global recall fiasco. Amidst this backdrop of high expectations and unforeseen setbacks, Samsung’s trajectory into the world of foldable technology became a narrative intertwined with triumphs and challenges.

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