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Robot-surgeon With Four Arms Is A Good Assistant

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A Robot, comprising four hands, is now making efforts to teach trainee surgeons.

The Da Vinci Robot, which is being used at University Hospital Limerick, is operated by a surgeon at a computer console.

It has a couple of arms with minor scissors and forceps, which make cuts in the patient’s midsection.

A delegate said the hospital live-streams the robotic surgical techniques from the working space to its new clinical education and research center.

In November 2016, it transformed into the first public hospital focus in Ireland to carry out bowel, kidney, and adrenal surgical procedures utilizing the robot.

She said in the earlier year, more than 110 of these surgeries, including urological cases, had been performed. The surgeon-controlled instruments are to a great degree correct, with no tremor, and can master movements unfeasible with the human hand.

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