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List of the Richest Gamers Around the World

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Gaming is an exciting activity that is practiced by many people around the world. When done right, it can land someone into endorsements and earn huge salaries. There are many people around the world who are making a killing out of this, earning six-figure salaries, and living large. Lately, it has become like a lucrative profession that one would dare to pursue without a certificate. Here we have compiled a list of the richest gamers in 2021.

1. Richest Gamers – Tyler Blevins (Ninja)

You may have come across this name. “Tyler Blevins, aka” Ninja “. He’s one of the richest gamers today. Ninja became famous for streaming on PUBG, H1Z1, Call, and most recently Fortnite. He’s streaming all of these games for nearly a decade, which has earned him first place. This first place has led him to sign many advertising deals with multiple products and brands such as Red Bull, Underwear Designer PSD, NFL, etc. All this and more have earned him a net worth of approximately $ 17 million.

2. Richest Gamers – PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg)

On YouTube, Felix “PewDiePie” has more than 110 million subscribers, placing him in spot 1. Many internet users and viewers like his work. When you don’t see him gaming, PewDiePie loves to make comic videos, memes, roast videos, the latest internet dramas, etc. He Has fought into this spot, unlike many gamers who surprisingly found overnight success. PewDiePie has built up his fan slowly and climbed to spot 2.

He has currently signed a lucrative contract with YouTube and you will see him. This deal and more have made him a net worth of $ 15 million.

3. Preston Aka Preston Arsement

Preston has become a millionaire thanks to his numerous advisement deals. He has signed with many endorsements such as the esports team and the version of Minecraft with game editing features that will see him earn figures every year. The 25-year-old millionaire from Dallas is also known for streaming “Fortnite” and “Minecraft.” He is also popular for gaming Minecraft and vloggers.

4. Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) – $14 Million

Mark Fischbach aka “Markiplier” is loved by many and currently, he has more than 26 million subscribers on his platform. Viewers like him for his gameplay videos of different niches like horror video games, and indie video. He is also popular for playing other games like Five Nights at Freddy’s series, Amnesia: Gary’s Mod, The Dark Descent, etc.

It’s due to his faster and comic response that most of the time makes his video games top-notch and most entertaining. All this plus a other few deals have earned him a net worth of $ 14 million.

5. Richest Gamers – Félix Lengyel

Felix, nicknamed XQC or xQcOW, is known worldwide for participating in many activities. He is an internet personality, former gamer, and professional Overwatch streamer. And has broadcast for Team Canada in many games including Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League and the Overwatch World Cup. He currently broadcasts Twitch full-time as a variety broadcast for Canadian esports firm Luminosity Gaming. Check out more about XQC on Taddlr.

Gaming Trends That Can Make New Richest Gamers

The gaming world has evolved, paving the way for the world’s richest gamers discussed above. Moreover, because of the high gaming demand, it’s not surprising to see more innovative gaming strategies, platforms, apps, and investments nowadays. One of which is non-fungible token (NFT) games.

NFT games are cryptocurrency- and blockchain-related. Instead of traditional currency, gaming platforms use cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoins, as game prizes or earnings. Beginners can check out this NFT Game Guide to learn more about NFT games.

Aside from NFT, the top gaming technology trends include esports, cloud gaming, metaverse, and virtual reality (VR) games. These gaming trends have emerged because of digital technology, and more gamers will strive to master them and earn big time like the world’s richest gamers.

Virtual reality (VR) games have skilled significant enhancements, in particular with the creation of varied gaming environments and genres. Contrastingly, cloud gaming has revolutionized the traditional gaming landscape with the aid of disposing of the necessity to download video games onto local devices. This method that present-day gamers now have the option to get entry to and play their favorite video games through streaming services or by means of connecting to remote data centers and servers, for that reason facilitating an unbroken and convenient gaming experience without the constraints of storage limitations.

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of esports soared as lockdowns and travel restrictions limited traditional entertainment options, leading more people to turn to online gaming for entertainment and social connection. This gaming trend owes its rapid rise to the unique circumstances of the pandemic, highlighting a global shift in recreational activities. Anticipated projections suggest that the global esports market is on track to achieve a remarkable milestone, with experts forecasting its value to hit an impressive USD$1.9 billion in 2022.

Another modern advancement in the realm of gaming is the emergence of metaverse gaming, marking a tremendous milestone inside the industry. Recently, the sector witnessed the unveiling of the first actual blockchain-gaming metaverse, a monumental achievement that has set a new widespread for digital gaming experiences. This groundbreaking development empowers gamers to delve into contemporary three-dimensional (3D) geographical regions, in which they are able to interact in quite a few play-to-earn (P2E) and role-playing games (RPG). These virtual worlds boast unparalleled graphics and gameplay, providing an immersive and visually lovely adventure for players to explore and enjoy.


In recent times, the surge in the reputation of video games and streaming platforms has captured the attention of a significant target market. This wave of interest has led numerous individuals, mainly the younger generation, to discover these avenues. For aspiring talents, the significant potential of achieving a global audience through streaming channels such as YouTube and Twitch presents an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their abilities and creativity to a wide and diverse target market, further similarly improving the interconnected virtual world.

The most skilled players in the industry are earning substantial amounts of money by captivating and delighting their audience through their abilities alongside immersive virtual experiences, thereby cementing their status as entertainers highly appreciated by their fans.

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