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Who Are Customs Brokers? How Expensive Are Their Services?

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Since Brexit officially came to fruition, transporting goods between the United Kingdom and the European Union has become much more complicated – with tons of new documents and declarations that importers and exporters will have to fill out if they want to trade between countries. To help those without experience, Customs Brokers may need to be involved.

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What does a Customs Broker do?

A customs broker may need to be involved in the process of obtaining import and export clearance for moving goods between the UK and the EU. With certain documents and payments to be taken care of during the process, companies can use a customs broker to sort out all the paperwork and make sure everything is in order and up-to-date.

Customs clearance brokers offer years of experience in filling out documents, following regulations, and supervising international trade to and from the UK. Using the latest technology, they make sure that everything is in order, helping traders from all around the world access the UK and EU markets.

What are the benefits of using a Customs Broker?

Since all customs clearing agents are directly connected to the customs with electronic means, they can speed up the process of resolving issues, lodging declarations, and filling out all kinds of transit documents. Whatever the paperwork that needs to be done by importers and exporters, customs agents are ready to help businesses take care of all the troublesome formalities.

What are the benefits of using a Customs Broker Customs clearance services

They also supervise and accelerate making payments, removing the need for having a duty deferment account for businesses. Avoiding delays is the key to making profit when moving goods, and customs declaration services are key to optimizing the customs process.

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Are Customs Agents expensive?

Even though customs brokers are not required to hire in the UK, using their services might end up being cheaper and more effective than handling all the paperwork on your own.

Customs clearance services vary widely in price in the UK, depending on tons of factors – whether the customs clearance is required at an airport or seaport, what types of goods you’re importing to the UK or exporting out of it, as well as what specific services your business requires.

For affordable export and import clearance, try On The Spot Broker – the company offers customs clearance consultancy services and guidance with the customs procedure, 7 days a week.

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Import, Export, Transit, or GVMS? Use a Customs Broker

Customs Brokers offer a full range of import and export clearance services, ensuring your transports are never grounded in port while you wait for the customs to process your documents. They help with T2 and T1 document forms, allowing traders to focus on growing their businesses, and not on distracting paperwork.

Traders may also need to deal with Goods Vehicle Movement Service, or GVMS, in which case they will need an EORI number and an online GVMS account. If they want to avoid that, they can hire a third party customs broker to make the GMR on their behalf.

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