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Visitor Management Software Is Now Increasingly A Key Part Of End-To-End Digital Offices

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How many visitors landed in your office today? What was the total footfall last Wednesday? You might have struggled to answer these questions. If that is the case, your office needs a visitor management system in place.

Gone are the days of recording all the visitors’ details in a huge register or excel spreadsheets. A report by Traction Guest states that almost 92% of the people surveyed say that visitor management software creates a safer environment. With an upgrade in technology, it is time to bid farewell to the traditional system of visitor management and welcome a new digital reception.

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What Is Visitor Management Software?

Visitor Management Software Is Now Increasingly A Key Part Of End-To-End Digital Offices

It is a system to track and record visitors who enter your building or office in a formal way. Visitor includes customers, delivery person, job applicant, contractor, consultant, etc.

It performs various functions such as –

  • Create a cloud-based visitor log
  • Take images of the visitors to identify them
  • Assign visitor ID badges
  • Send a message to the concerned person when the visitor arrives
  • It allows communication between employees and visitors

This will help you to maintain security, increase the productivity of employees, and create a good image before visitors.

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What Are The Benefits of Visitor Management Software?

Out of many advantages offered by visitor management software some hold major importance for any organization:

#1. Data Protection

A cloud-based system safeguards the details of visitors from hacking and breaching. Also, the data can be accessed by the authorized person. This is not possible in the traditional method of recording information where data can be accessed by unauthorized persons as well.

#2. Proactive System

The software not only helps to store the details of visitors but it also keeps track of other comprehensive details such as facial captures, digital signatures, and documents brought in and taken out.

#3. Easy Accessibility

Front office staff enjoys easy accessibility by just logging in the account from anywhere. So this system can come handy in case of emergency situations.

#4. Real-Time Notification

The software sends real-time notifications such as a message to the host on the exact arrival of the visitor.

#5. Enhances Brand Image

A visitor management software with good design and user interface will leave a positive impression on the visitors thus helping you improve your brand image.

#6. Saves Money

Automation of the visitor recording process results in lower processing costs for each visitor. This results in cost saving for the company in the long run.

#7. Increases Efficiency

The visitor management system in place of a traditional paper-based system saves time and records complete information in one place. Also, it helps to collect other data such as images, digital agreements, etc. to help increase the efficiency of the employees and deliver better customer engagement.

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What To Look For in Visitor Management Software?

visitor management tool

Almost all the visitor management software in the market comes stacked with impressive features. However, there are some essential things that you should look out for in software. We have listed some of them –

#1. Instant Host Notifications (Via Multiple Channels)

As soon as a visitor checks into the office, the host is notified about the same through the visitor management system. This automated notification system sends an email or SMS to the host.

The software enables two-way communication between the host and the visitor. Once the host receives the message of arrival, he can send a text back to the visitors.

#2. Customization

You will have all types of visitors from general visitors to the delivery agent. All need a different check-in process. This requires a lot of customizations in visitor management software. You need to find various types of visitors and add several categories to your dashboard to narrow down your customer engagement.

#3. Message Forwarding

When a visitor arrives, it may happen that the host is not available at the moment. In this situation, the notification can be forwarded to other team members. This ensures that you don’t have any visitors hanging by sending alerts to the right member.

#4. Digital Document Signature

More business organizations are opting for this feature in order to facilitate the digital document signing process. Job applicants, colleagues are requested to sign NDAsand other legal agreements via this software.

This helps to securely assimilate all the important documents and you will no longer have tons of documents lying around the front desk.

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#5. Digital Log of Visitors

Unlike the traditional methods of data recording, companies can now easily capture important visitor information without human intervention. So, you can now retrieve clear and unaltered data about the visitors for better management.

You can also generate reports to see patterns of visitor engagement and time spent by them in the office.

#6. Badge Printing

One of the most sought after features of visitor management software. This allows you to print a badge for certain types of visitors so employees can engage with them accordingly.

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