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Types of web development for beginners

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Website development is one lucrative field that many candidates seem to be interested in, especially those with computer science as their major. It also demands technical and analytical skills combined with creative development and design. The experienced web developers are required to work along with marketing, IT and sales professionals to develop functional sites. Websites are vital for the success of any organization. Hence, as a beginner, you need to learn about coding websites and know the different types of roles that they can specialize in.

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Web development types

When web development roles are concerned, there are basically three types:

  • Develops considered to be front-end (user interface) specialists and having knowledge of JavaScript.
  • The second are those writing underlying code necessary to run backend website operations.
  • The third includes those managing various aspects of the website (like full stack)

Each type tends to focus upon different web development areas. However, they have something in common that is Programming and coding knowledge. To enter this field, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science subject.

Know the different types in details

As users click on a site link like ‘Pay Now’ button, rarely do they think about underlying code. This code allows them to view the payment page. It is web developers who are responsible to develop that button’s look, feel and logic driving the site. Web development is of three types, namely:

1. Front-end web:

They are responsible for website’s look and feel. It means the appearance of mages, icons, types and colors. Front-end development is to consider how the site appears on all devices, ranging from phones to tablets to desktops. A few vital Programming languages to learn include CSS, JavaScript and HTML. Front-end developers use the latest web development and design trends to optimize sites for search engines and end-users. Also is considered site security.

Front end web web development

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2. Back-end:

It involves code development and maintenance to run smoothly a site. This code helps connect the site to a server, thereby ensuring proper data flow to site. It also ensures smooth and correct processing of transactions. intelligence computer data suggests languages to learn for back-end operation are Java, MySQL and PHP. Golang and Python are new tools introduced in the market. Developers are expected to update themselves with changing technology. They have to participate in various networking communities to share coding support and tips.

3. Full-Stack:

It involves both back-end and front-end responsibilities. Based on site complexity, the developer is held responsible for its development facets. It includes user interface to server side. Developers might be specialists in any particular web development aspect. However, broad experience will be essential to redesign or develop or in troubleshooting process. They also are to identify the latest technologies like blockchain and improved program languages. It is used for strengthening the site’s business capabilities.

Essential skills desired

It is necessary for beginners to learn coding websites. Besides this, you are to imbibe other essential skills to advance your career in this domain.

1. Attention to minute details:

Debugging and testing code does require lots of patience as well as analytical skills. This way, you get to know the issues faced and ways to fix them.

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2. Program capabilities:

Coding skills will be essential along with other languages like CSS and HTML. It is equally important to learn new coding techniques as they get introduced.

3. Creative thinking:

Successful sites are those that are designed and developed in a manner to attract as well as retain users. It should also be visible to specific search engines like Google to boost customer reach.

The above are the skills that you will require to learn if you plan to start a career in web development field.

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