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Top 8 Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Apps In 2022

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Nowadays, mobile apps offer a wide range of services for customers that cater to their requirements. On the other hand, they require proper research which helps choose the right one accordingly. Buy Now Pay Later Apps are becoming popular all over the world because they work similarly to credit cards. They provide small loans for people who want to overcome financial obstacles. Furthermore, the apps offer amounts with minimal interest rates that will help accomplish goals to a large extent.

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What Are Some Top Most BNPL Apps In 2022?

1. ZestMoney

ZestMoney Buy Now Pay Later

ZestMoney is one of the top BNPL apps that allow users to pay for purchases in one tap and pay later in a few installments. The app is suitable for those who want to manage their money better. Moreover, it doesn’t charge anything for the credit given allowing users to purchase things online and offline. Some of the features offered by the app include easy set-up, no-joining fees, quick integration with other applications, etc.

2. Sezzle

Sezzle Buy Now Pay Later

Sezzle is one of the best Buy Now Pay Later Apps that split the entire order amount into 4 parts. One can repay the amount in 6 weeks without any additional interest. Robust support and multiple integrations are some features offered by the app. It is available with an instant approval decision process.

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3. Affirm

Affirm Buy Now Pay Later

Affirm is one of the apps that come with the latest features. People can use the app online or offline anywhere with ease. Apart from this, the app offers exciting rewards & cashback for users when they use a digital payment system. The app provides methods to repay months in EMI plans starting from 3 to 48 months.

4. Aspire

Aspire Buy Now Pay Later

Aspire is a leading digital credit cards app that allows customers to repay the amounts in EMI plans. It is suitable for lower-income and self-employed customers who are not able to get a credit card. They can repay their installments in 4 easy EMIs that don’t include any additional interest rates. It becomes easy to get instant approval when applying for a digital credit card.

5. Wizi

Wizi Buy Now Pay Later

Wizi is a leading app that provides various credit cards from top banks. The app not only helps to buy a new card but also gives ways to manage existing credit cards. It allows users to make bill payments and Emi from a single platform by addressing their needs. Also, the app is ideal for getting approval for credit cards without any paperwork. Besides, the app collaborates with the leading banks when anyone wants to apply for a new credit card.

6. Freecharge

Freecharge Buy Now Pay Later

Freecharge is another app that is available with new features. The app allows uses to get instant credit and comes with a one-tap digital payment system. Moreover, it is suitable for those who want to invest their money in stocks, mutual funds, etc. Users can even track their expenses after installing the app on mobile phones. The payments are interest-free and let users enjoy everything on credit. It involves no processing fees that help save money.

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7. Zip

Zip Buy Now Pay Later

Zip BNPL app is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to start a new business. The app is ideal for an eCommerce business to boost conversion rates. Some of the features offered by the app include flexible EMI options, track progress, no collateral, etc.

8. Afterpay

Afterpay Buy Now Pay Later

Afterpay is another BNPL app that offers loans for any enterprise including eCommerce business with an easy sign-up process. Some of the features offered by the app include no compounding of interest, integration with a lot of merchants, etc. It allows business owners to repay amounts with 0% interest-free.

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