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Top 3 SharePoint Migration tools

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Microsoft SharePoint services are utilized by more than 200,000 organizations across the globe. With so many users taking on SharePoint, it is only fitting that SharePoint migration tools become prominent among users. This blog will look at the top 3 SharePoint migration tools, their pros and cons, and which solution provider is the right fit for SharePoint migrations.

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Introduction to SharePoint

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform designed by Microsoft and launched in 2001. Since then, SharePoint has evolved and become the top collaboration tool with capabilities that help manage large data amounts in sites, libraries, lists, etc. SharePoint migration tools are readily available for on-premises deployments and cloud subscriptions across the globe. Microsoft’s SharePoint services have further evolved the platform with exciting and new features that enable more effective communication, collaboration, and document storage. SharePoint Online is the front-runner compared to SharePoint On-Prem due to its vast and effective content management capabilities. Before we discuss the best SharePoint tools and their pros and cons, let’s briefly explore the difference between SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Prem.

SharePoint Online

As part of the Microsoft 365 Office suite, SharePoint Online is a robust web-based application that fosters company-wide collaboration and information sharing. It allows users to share, manage, and store content seamlessly. In layman’s terms, it is the cloud version of SharePoint.

SharePoint Online Share business data

SharePoint On-Premises

SharePoint On-Premises implemented in the local environment of a company within the in-house IT department, i.e., in the company data center. Like SharePoint Online, SharePoint’s On-Prem version allows users to store, manage, and share business data.

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Microsoft SharePoint Services – SharePoint Migration Services

While many SharePoint users stick to automatic SharePoint migration tools due to agility and security concerns, some users also opt for migration tools when they jump to cloud-based SharePoint from their existing on-prem version.

ShareGate Desktop

ShareGate is an advanced SharePoint migration tool with various features that allow big and small migration projects to be executed seamlessly. It migrates all SharePoint files, including lists, subsites, libraries, documents, pictures, etc. easily. ShareGate has limitless data size migration capabilities, which makes it one of the top runners for organizations looking for tools that support Microsoft SharePoint services migration on a broader/larger scale.

ShareGate’s software team provides unparalleled customer support and online training sessions for the clients. Their system also generates post-migration analysis reports for a comprehensive process overview. Let’s now look at the many benefits that ShareGate offers concerning Microsoft SharePoint services and migration:

  • Custom reports built directly into the platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • Office 365 migration & file share
  • Migration validation (both pre & post)
  • Unlimited data migration
  • Data properties, metadata, and permissions intact
  • Multi-tenant migration

Now, let’s move on to the negatives of using ShareGate as a SharePoint migration tool

  • Limited flexibility due to lack of incremental data migration
  • Scheduling limitations

Dockit Migrator by VYAPIN

Dockit Migrator is another amazing SharePoint migration tool developed by VYAPIN. It has smart and promising features that enable seamless migration of site, content, list, documents, and more. Dockit Migrator facilitates Microsoft SharePoint services with advanced capabilities. It also allows companies to manage workflow migrations and restructure metadata. Other notable features of this SharePoint migration tool include batch migration, illegal characters replacement, incremental migration, migration planning, etc. Let’s now go over the many benefits that Dockit Migrator offers through its SharePoint migration services:

  • Workflow migration
  • NTFS permissions migration
  • Pre-migration checklist
  • Metadata editing
  • Incremental migration
  • Batch migration

Despite its many benefits, there is a major limitation to the SharePoint migration services offered by Dockit Migrator – it requires far more support for sources than other SharePoint migration tools.

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Kernel Migrator

As an advanced SharePoint migration tool, Kernel Migrator facilitates various systems, including Google Drive, OneDrive, and Office 365. It can perform multiple migrations such as:

  • SharePoint to SharePoint
  • Public folder to SharePoint
  • File system to SharePoint

In addition, it also provides bulk migration (CSV-based) along with pre-migration analysis while supporting all SharePoint on-premises versions, including SharePoint Online. It also supports the complete migration of SharePoint data, including documents, lists, and libraries. Benefits of the Kernel Migrator SharePoint migration services include:

  • Bulk migration with advanced filter options
  • Enhanced migration planning with pre-migration analysis
  • Source supports for various platforms
  • Complete migrations aligned with metadata

However, the Kernel Migrator’s demo version only allows the migration of 5 items from lists, folders, and libraries.

Fly Migration from AvePoint

Fly Migration from AvePoint is not just a SharePoint migration tool. It is also a cloud migration tool. This dual capability allows it to perform many migrations, but most notably, it is used for SharePoint to OneDrive migrations. This tool performs migration for the platform by pre-scanning information and then starts the migration. It allows seamless migration to Microsoft SharePoint Services with auto-monitoring capabilities that make the process quick and easy. With notable features like drag and drop, the tool migrates permissions, metadata, and much more. It also supports bulk migrations with CSV formatting. Let’s now glance over the benefits of this SharePoint migration tool.

  • Secure and comprehensive migration capabilities
  • Built-in reports for analysis
  • Scheduled migrations
  • Performance monitoring
  • Progress tracking
  • Pre-scanning of the data.

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Some of the cons of using Fly Migration from AvePoint as a migration tool include:

  • An additional interactive interface is required
  • No support for the older version of SharePoint


While Microsoft SharePoint services are user-friendly, migrating an existing system to SharePoint Online or On-Prem is particularly challenging for organizations. It is a good idea to utilize a team of experts and a SharePoint migration tool to help simplify the process. These top 3 SharePoint migration tools are ideal for organizations of all sizes that are looking to modernize their business with a more streamlined document management platform. Read more about SharePoint’s advanced services such as What is windows SharePoint Services in this article.

If you have any questions about the tools or have any comments for us, please reach out using the comment box below.

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