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Top 10 Third-party Logistics (3pl) Companies In 2022

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E-commerce websites and enterprises depend on 3PL firms all around the world to deliver orders on schedule. Even though these services have been successful in expediting order fulfillment, surveys show a rising need for 3PL firms with more sophisticated IT skills. For example, according to the 2021 25th Annual Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Study, 72% of company owners require logistics technology that enables more effective scheduling of transportation. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 third-party logistics (3PL) companies in 2022 that offer good and efficient services:

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1. ShipBob

ShipBob Third-party Logistics

Due to its great, cutting-edge features for proper inventory management, real-time shipment tracking, and in-depth data analysis, ShipBob takes the #1 rank on our list. Additionally, the web-based ShipBob platform makes it simple for online retailers to sign up by integrating with major eCommerce businesses and marketplaces.

2. ShipHero

ShipHero Third-party Logistics

ShipHero assists company owners in selecting the most effective strategy for distributing goods around the company’s network of facilities. Additionally, orders are sent to the closest warehousing companies for fulfillment before being delivered by national, provincial, and local providers.

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3. FedEx

FedEx Third-party Logistics

FedEX is a reliable third-party logistics provider and global American delivery service firm, In addition to the healthcare sector, it also provides 3PL services to the retail, industrial, consumer goods, technology, and electronics sectors.

Additionally, its integrative approach to distribution, packaging, delivery, returns, and other areas help you expand your e-commerce firm.

4. DHL 3PL Company

DHL 3PL Company 3PL services

DHL, a company of Deutsche Post DHL, assists you with third-party logistics and distribution. DHL provides services across a range of industries, including retail, medical, biosciences, transportation, and more.

5. C.H. Robinsons

H Robinsons Third-party Logistics

A 3PL firm called C.H. Robinson provides a comprehensive range of logistics services and products, including products and solutions. A blend of multi-modal traffic management systems and experience is offered by the third-party logistics provider.

6. Ryder

Ryder Third-party Logistics

In addition to serving more than 20 sectors internationally, Ryder 3PL provides an end-to-end supply chain system and works across all of North America. Its logistics throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada support over 55 million sq ft of distribution centers.

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7. ShipHype

ShipHype Third-party Logistics

Online merchants and retailers can take advantage of a variety of fulfillment services from ShipHype, a 3PL provider. By offering these services, retailers and businesses can guarantee that consumers receive their goods on time and avoid the fees associated with delayed deliveries. Through relationships with significant shipping carriers, ShipHype enables business owners to further reduce costs.

8. Burris Logistics

Burris Logistics Third-party Logistics

Third-party logistics (3PL) provider Burris Logistics offers facilities for cold storage, specialized distribution, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, and more. Additionally, it offers services including management services, specialized fleets, truckloads, multimodal, and more. Temperature-controlled warehousing companies are one of these options.

9. DVS Global

DVS Global Third-party Logistics

A transportation and logistics company called DSV Global provides transportation services on land, at sea, by air, and by train. They have approximately 1,400 offices and logistical facilities spread across over 80 different countries.

Services are available for a variety of sectors, including the automobile, medical, chemicals, perishable items, manufacturing, retailing, and fashion sectors.

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10. Expeditors

Expeditors Third-party Logistics

A transport and logistics forwarding business called Expeditors has 357 sites and serves more than 60 nations on six continents. They guarantee worldwide coverage thanks to their 40 maritime freight carriers and loyal customers.

KPIs and various metrics can be measured to acquire an understanding of how they function at every stage. With the aid of your package tracking number, you may also follow your delivery.


Hiring a 3PL business is something to think about if you’re shipping any kind of eCommerce goods, whether they be electronics, clothing, or other small or large items. So that you can concentrate on operating and promoting your business, these organizations pack your orders and send them securely to your clients.

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