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Top 10 Professional Photography Tools

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It could be that you love photography and want to take your passion to a new level. However, to achieve this objective and to emerge as a Pro photographer, you need to have the top photography tools. This is essential and cannot be avoided or neglected. But there are thousands of tools easily available in the market, thus leaving you quite confused. With some expert assistance, you can get to know the tools that will make you a better photographer.

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Professional photography equipment list

Professional photography equipment list

  • Custom lighting solutions: As you make progress in this field, you might get some assignment or project requiring custom lighting. This accessory is a must-have for those specializing in portrait, wedding or product photography. You do need to invest in a robust, portable lighting equipment set. The best way to get good looking images is to invest in professional lighting. This light can be used for commercial or personal photos, or even video.
  • On-Camera Flash Diffuser: Attaching diffuser to the portable flash unit will allow you to capture even lighting to improve skin tones. This can be achieved without emphasizing blemishes or wrinkles. Using flash diffusers helps with even light distribution and is inexpensive. They are created using different materials. Avoid plastic ones as they are mostly created to fit a specific flash unit, thus not allowing much flexibility. Material diffusers are a better choice.

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  • Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom: Without these creative photography accessories, you are likely to have a tough time trying to edit your photographs. Photoshop allows you to be in full control concerning every aspect associated with the image file. Choose a feature that best suits your photography needs.
  • Studio Backgrounds: You can use them in different conditions, ranging from videography to general portraiture. Backgrounds are available in different types, ranging from durable material to cheap paper that requires frequent replacement. Three popular background styles for photography are green, black and white screen. For different photography forms, black & white are considered quite versatile. To include artificial digital backgrounds, green screen is used.
  • Color Management Software and Charts: It is among the top photography tools and extremely important. You need to be consistent in photography to achieve success. Consistent color is crucial in the digital workflow. Color management helps convert color from various devices like flatbed scanner, digital camera, photographic printer, computer monitor, etc. Color chart and 18% gray card is recommended.
  • Advanced Presets, Plugins and Actions: Editing workflow in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom are plugins, actions and presets. Repetitive workflow process automation helps improve overall productivity. Actions, plugins and presets can perform useful tasks to create color effects, sepia tones, white & black tones, HDR effects, background extraction, etc.
  • High quality product catalogue: Delivering extensive service/product range to customers can help grow the photography business. You can use some creative photography accessories like fine art prints, different types of photographic papers, canvas prints, professional framing, acrylic mounts, etc.

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  • Photogenic Lab or Professional Printer: You need showcase your photographs in proper ways and printing is quite expensive. You can invest in a color inkjet printer, paper and inks. Professional photographic labs come with amazing paper selection along with quick turnaround. It is termed quite economical.
  • DSLR Video Stabilizer Mounts: It allows you to capture professional HD videos. For videos, consider getting a shoulder mount, DSLR Stabilizer, decent microphone to record superior quality audio. Also consider portable \LED light to mount on the digital camera.
  • Professional website: With increasing competition, you need come up with a professional website that allows you to stand out of the crowd.

Having the right professional photography equipment list will allow you to become a professional and successful photographer.

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