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Top 10 Productivity Plugins for Busy Entrepreneurs

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When you perform any work, it is important to do it correctly and quickly. You can improve your work efficiency by adopting a few productivity plugins for busy entrepreneurs. These extensions are useful to help produce faster as well as better results, thereby saving precious time. Thus, when implemented correctly, you can improve your outputs manifolds.

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10 Productivity Plugins for Busy Entrepreneurs

#1 Noisli – Noise Reduction:


This white noise machine can help drown out unwanted sounds. It allows you to relax especially after a hard day’s work. It is among the best noise-canceling plugins available. Its nature sounds are just amazing.

#2 MixMax – Email Efficiency:


This plugin is considered to be the leader concerning email effectiveness and power. It comes with a wide range of interesting and incredible features. It ranges from providing ‘slash’ features to scheduling meetings, thus making the workflow smoother. Individuals and teams can use this plugin with great ease. Currently, only Google Users can use it.

#3 Evernote Web Clipper Extent – For taking notes from the web:

Evernote Web Clipper Extent

It renders the browser’s bookmarks completely obsolete. You can save excerpts and bookmarks from the web using all Evernote-used devices. Also annotate key details, thus not requiring searching crucial points later. It works well along with the Evernote account including others.

#4 Google Keep – For Note Taking:

It allows you to maintain your to-do list, your thoughts and other vital notes in a single, safe place. It provides all-in-one features and can help reduce digital clutter.

#5 StayFocused – Avoid unwanted distractions:


This plugin helps you to stay focused on your work by limiting access to all unwanted and distracting sites. You need to complete a task to get more access to any blocked site. It means coming up with an error-free paragraph that is likely to make you feel ashamed a bit. Also is present, ‘Internet blackout’ solution for those who struggle, referred to as ‘nuclear option’.

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#6 LastPass – Passwords:


You may find it tough to remember lots of passwords. This plugin is designed to store your passwords in one place. As you want to login into any account, it prompts autofill your password. It comes with a premium price, offering 1GB encrypted file storage and covers a family of five.

#7 Grammarly: For correct Grammar:

This plugin is designed to correct grammar in emails, social media and others. It provides your content with instant unparalleled analysis. You are free to choose the document style desired and offer valuable suggestions. You can select the preferred settings, ranging from conversational to technical.

#8 OneTab: Reduce Clutter: 


It could be that you have opened a whole lot of tabs and finding it difficult to manage them. With this plugin, you can organize, collapse, restore and label tabs with great ease.

#9 Redbooth – Task Management:


Organizations planning to scale should solidify two crucial areas, namely, collaboration and communication. It impacts the direct approach of the team towards projects and helps exceed set goals. This free project management software allows small and big teams to plan, execute and track all projects from a central platform. It allows efficient collaboration, encouraging smart work. It also helps your team to become more productive. It streamlines task management and communication to support growth.

#10 Droplr – Screenshots and Filesharing:


It makes teamwork fun-filled and more efficient. It is an excellent teamwork tool, working fabulously with scattered and larger remote groups. It can send across work in efficient ways. It helps reduce wait-time by sending large files with links in a snap. It also has GIF-maker.

The above are a few of the top productivity plugins for busy entrepreneurs that promises to improve overall productivity.

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