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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Home Resource Tips for Safe Online Shopping (Infographic)

Tips for Safe Online Shopping (Infographic)

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There is no single doubt that technology has made our life much easier and convenient. In 2016, the total number of internet users was 3.5 billion – which is almost half of today’s world population. Moreover, the number of mobile phone users is steadily increasing and is estimated to reach 4.77 billion by the end of 2017. These figures just prove that today’s global population has the capability to access a multitude of information with just a flick of their fingers.


But as the number of digital population increase so is the number of new technological advancement being introduced each year – one of such are the online shopping platforms. Nowadays, people can conveniently shop the things they need in the comfort of their homes by just opening a mobile shopping app. While e-commerce has been on the rise massively in the recent years, many believe that mobile shopping has brought the shopping experience on the next level. Because of its sudden rise in popularity, 16% of U.S merchants have decided to build their own mobile shopping channel, and 32% are thinking of adding one in 2017.

However, although convenient – consumers and business owner must not forget these online shopping platforms are also becoming the hottest target of crooked cybercriminals today. Whether it’s a mobile app or a desktop online shopping site, consumers must be extra careful when using these platforms as security threats like hacking and identity theft have become a common thing these days.

Unlike a traditional brick and mortar stores where personal information is rarely given, e-commerce sites require you to submit personal information like name and birthdate, along with highly-confidential data like credit card number, phone number, and home address. When not done properly and securely, online shopping can lead to a very devastating experience.


To learn on how you can make your online shopping experience safer, check out the infographic below from SignWithin.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping

About Author:

I am Carlton Coleman and I am the owner of SIGN WITHIN superstore, which is an e-commerce business under the umbrella of the The Sign Within Academy, LLC.  This company seeks to not only provide an online shopping experience with great deals, discounts, and rebates but to partner and support non-profit organizations that speak to hearts, stretch minds and serve the whole of humanity to further their causes.  I am strong believer that you make a living by what you get but you make a life by what you give.

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