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The Top 5 Free Cloud-Based Business Apps

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The operation of the business became more convenient when cloud applications became more mainstream. The cloud-based business apps have both characteristics; they are a web-based app and a desktop-based app. The cloud-based server stores all the information on a remote server whereas the desktop app presents all the information at a single platform. Due to its exceptional benefits, cloud-based business apps have made it to the top of the cloud-based business apps.

Here are the most lucrative 5 free cloud-based business apps:

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1. MailChimp Cloud Application

MailChimp Cloud Application

Though it does not have an impressive name, it does not diminish the fact that it is one of the top-rated free cloud-based business apps. It is one of the top-rated email marketing platforms wherein you can work on your email campaign most efficiently. The MailChimp application offers the benefits for free that high-paying free cloud-based business apps do not. All of the applications of the cloud-business apps are free. Once you have your email-subscription ready, you can use the email templates; schedule launches, and bounces the rate of emails you send.

2. DropBox Cloud Application

DropBox Cloud Application

The DropBox is a renowned free cloud-based business app that would save users a lot in terms of storage only. Your Company computers can only take up a little information. So, businesses have to invest in an external hard drive to keep records of the information. So, it is a cumbersome and overwhelming process. DropBox is a free cloud-based app that let all business store information online on a single platform. If you back up all your files on the Dropbox, your system runs more smoothly.

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3. Google App Cloud-Based Application

Google App Cloud-Based Application

From the programming languages to the new chatting application, Google has bought innovations in many areas on the internet. The cloud-based application of Google is one of the best that helps businesses in operating more consistently. The Google Cloud-Based Application is a top-quality app that does not cost anything to your Company. No matter how giant the business is, the app can be accessed for free. The Google cloud-based applications allow the business to access spreadsheets, online word processing, PDF viewer, etc. So, it saves thousands of dollars of the business.

One of the greatest advantages of the Google Cloud-based application is that you can sync different apps and carry out the business task with utmost efficiency.

4. Evernote Cloud Application

Evernote Cloud Application

Evernote is the best cloud-based business app that is used by businesses worldwide. The platform helps people in undertaking different functions away from work. On Evernote, the employees can take notes, pen down different speaker quotes, record seminars, etc. at different business convocations. The Evernote empowers the employee to record all the information at one place, which can also be accessed later on conveniently. When other employees log onto the Evernote, they access the keynotes, meeting recordings, key statements, etc.

So, without attending the seminars, all the employees receive important information regarding the seminars.

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5. Flickr Cloud Application

Flickr Cloud Application

Flickr is a plain and simple free app images and videos website. This is one of the best free cloud-based business app, which allows you to access any kind of photo or video of your choice. If you do not exceed the 300MB limit, you can utilize the service for free. The application is also used for storing images and videos in a centralized location. However, the images and videos are stored on the phone’s storage capacity. It can be employed by business employees for undertaking various business tasks.


MailChimp, DropBox, Google Cloud-Based Applications, Evernote, and Flickr are the top 05 free cloud-based business apps.

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