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The Best Web Scraping Tools for Data Extraction

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You may want to know the different ways to overcome competition and gain competitive advantage from web-based public data. What to know about data scraping? Also referred to as web scraping, it is a popular method used to extract information from an app or website. Then this information is saved within a local file or spreadsheet. Although not an illegal technique, its way of application and purpose might be. There is no need for repetitive copy-pasting or typing. Rather, it has several applications and used in different scenarios for various purposes. For instance, marketers use it for streamlining their processes. But you need to use the top web scraping tools to achieve your set objectives.

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List of Top Web Scraping Tools

1. ScrapingBee:

scraping bee

This API is known to manage headless browsers while rotating proxies. To enable Google search scraping, there is present a devoted API. The key features are:

1. Auto proxy rotation

2. JS Rendering

3. Google search scraping enabled

4. Used directly on Google Sheets with Chrome web browser

5. 1,000 APO calls allowed for free. There are also monthly paid plans to choose from along with custom pricing for enterprises.

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2. Octoparse:

Octoparse Web Scraping Tool

It is among the best web scraping tools and also quite easy to scrap web data. It can be used by both non-coders and coders. The key features offered are:

1. Access through CSV, Excel, API, JSON, etc. to extracted data.

2. Deals with all types of sites, with pagination, infinite scrolling, AJAX, drop-down menus, login, etc.

3. Schedule scraping tasks as desired to run at specific time to perform real-time scraping.

4. Cloud Service: Cloud platform of Octoparse allows scraping and accessing vital data.

5. Ad blocking, thereby optimizing page loading time and diminishing HTTP request numbers.

6. Auto IP rotation to avoid IP blockage.

7. Supports Mac & Windows systems.

8. RegEx and XPath selectors to derive precise data extraction.

9. There are offered free and paid plans including custom pricing model targeting enterprises.

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3. scrapestack:

scrapestack web scraping tool

It is among the web scraping tools that offers REST API real-time web scraping. You can scrap web page, mange CAPTCAs, browsers, proxy IPs in millions within milliseconds. Its key features are:

1. supports JS rendering and CAPTCHA solving.

2. Allows simultaneous API requests.

3. 100+ geolocations

4. HTTPS encryption

5. Free plan offered for 1,000 requests after which you can opt for monthly paid plans depending on your needs. |

4. Scraping Bot:

scraping bot webscraping tool-

It offers customized APIs to suit varying scraping requirements. An APU is specialized to perform retail site scraping, an API helps retrieve raw HTML of a web page, etc. The key features offered by this tool are:

1. High quality proxies

2. JS rendering

3. About 20 concurrent requests

4. Full-page HTML

5. ScrapingBot Prestashop add-on to integrate with site to analyze competitor’s prices from Prestashop dashboard directly.

6. Geotargeting

7. Free plans are offered with 100 credits after which you can avail business, enterprise or freelancer monthly plans.

5. ParseHub:


It is among the best web scraping tools available for businesses. Coding skills are not required to use this tool. Its key features are:

1. You can use CSV, Excel, API connection or JSON to get easy access to extracted data.

2. Comes with easy to use graphical interface.

3. Can be integrated effortlessly with Tableau to provide enhanced data visualization.

4. CSS selectors, RegEx, XPATH

5. Supports Linux, Mac and Windows

6. You may avail free plans, standard monthly plans, professional plans along with custom pricing model meant for enterprises.

Choosing from the current list of top web scraping tools will enable you to meet your growing business needs.

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