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List 20 CRM Tools for Small Business

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Chances are that you have customers that come with a variety of needs. Some require more conversation than others, while others would like you to check in only every couple of days.

Some of your consumers want to be rewarded for participation, while others don’t need it. All in all, no two customers are exactly the same; each one wants various degrees of connectivity with your brand. Keeping track of this on your own consumer base one by one would be disastrous for your time management. Thankfully, one of the best ways to manage the relationship with your customers is to use proper CRM tools.

Small businesses benefit significantly from superb CRM software. It helps to consistently monitor and engage your customer base so that you can pinpoint areas of improvement. Once you have this down, your firm is off to the races.


Now, without further ado, here are our top 20 CRM tools available for small business!

  • BaseCRM – Get your business on the fast track to sales productivity using BaseCRM. Track individual teams, manage your sales goals, and snap up opportunities in no time!
  • BlueCamroo – BlueCamroo allows you to integrate lead management and work smarter in team collaboration. Track conversations, schedule projects, and assign tasks with the perfect CRM tool for small business.
  • BPMonline – BPMonline adds concrete goals to your sales and marketing performance with a process driven CRM interface. You’ll never lose track of a sale again!


  • ContactMe – ContactMe is the easiest way to grow your business. Manage all of your clients, mark a to-do list, and save time to impress your customers.
  • CRMnext – Capture, retain, and grow your customer base when you start using CRMnext. Align all of your services into one powerhouse of an app that includes online sales, service, marketing, and more!
  • KarmaCRM – Karma allows for quick and easy integration so that you can get back to business, fast! Automate sales processes and create templates of records, emails, and tasks.
  • Medallia – Do you understand the mindset of your customers? If not, you’ll need Medallia, the software that gives you more insight on consumer behavior so you can optimize the customer experience.
  • Nimble – Connect your contacts and build profitable relationships with the power of Nimble! View all of your engagement tools at the same time, and be nimble with your contacts, everywhere you go.
  • Nutshell – Introduce yourself to the app that delivers insightful reports, powerful sales automation, and smart lead management! Nutshell does the work of driving sales through your funnel, while integrating with your most utilized application tools.


  • OnePageCRM – OnePageCRM gives you a sales method born with an streamlined workflow that instantly prioritizes the most valuable action to take for your next project. This is the perfect fit for small businesses.

  • Relenta – Combine all the communications between both your team and your customers on Relenta! Answer customer concerns efficiently and on time, in addition to engaging in collaboration and marketing through built-in email tools.
  • PipelineDeals – PipelineDeals provides simple and useful CRM software in the cloud. Integrate your sales, build stronger relationships with customers, and easily import and assign contacts.
  • Saleslogix – Saleslogix brings effective CRM to the mobile world. Get ultimate flexibility, actionable insights, and better interactions with your customers.
  • Sage CRM – Sage CRM accelerates your business success and gets you to manage what matters. Designed for enterprises and growing businesses just like yours, Sage CRM is your solution to increase customer satisfaction.


  • Streak – Manage your relationships from inside Gmail, with the Streak app! Utilize Streak in a variety of ways, such as sales, bug tracking, customer support and more.
  • Stride – Stride helps you close deals and track your sales. Participate in real-time collaboration, make use of document storage, and open integration with more than 250 apps in order to make your CRM process as seamless as possible.
  • Worketc – Manage your entire business world in the cloud after you log into Worketc. Take over online billing, customer relationship management, and service from absolutely everywhere.
  • Vtiger – Close more deals faster with Vtiger! More than 10,000 businesses use this app to boost marketing ROI and activity management for maximum results.
  • Yesware – Get your email pipeline optimized for converting your customers by using Yesware. Get real-time feedback for every opportunity, work together with Gmail and Salesforce, and drive productivity of your sales funnel.
  • Zuora – If you’re in the market to build and scale your business, look no further than Zuora. This subscription service gives you the flexibility to create any sort of pricing model or customer promotion instantly.


There you have it; our top 20 CRM small business tools. However, we know there are some we missed on our first go around. Let us know in the comments below if you have any additions to share.

Article written by Upcity | Submitted by Mr. Ashok Kumar | Indian CRM Service Provider

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