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Life Management And Its Global Impact On Human Life

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Practical application of life management

If laziness visits you too often, it is time to think about the meaninglessness of life itself, as long as what is happening in it systematically causes rejection. Life management can help you think through your life plans.

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Let’s start with the most straightforward thing: let’s try to understand in general terms what life management is. And if you are interested in recreational issues such as Live Andar Bahar for real cash, then the article at the link will appeal to you.

What is life management?

Life management means managing one’s own life, and the purpose of life management is precisely to take control of one’s life events and life itself.

Life management as the art of managing one’s life has evolved from the somewhat similar concept of “time management,” which means time management. By the way, the term life-management was first mentioned at a time-management conference in 2003.

Why the need for such a division of concepts? Isn’t life a time allotted to us so that we can fill it with something sensible, reasonable, eternal?

Those for whom life is simply time and a set of things to do may not formally or practically separate these concepts. But moreover, society has worked for a very long time to enshrine these “filler standards”: plant a tree, build a house, raise a son. Or, let’s say, finish school, then university, find a job, start a family, take out a mortgage, etc.

It is understandable when “infill standards” are imposed by the state. The state benefits from predictable people performing a predictable set of actions, replenishing the state’s material and human resources.

Life management as a life strategy and time management as a resource management tool to achieve life goals and fulfill wishes. It is important to understand once and never confuse again:

  • Life management is a strategy.
  • Time management is a tool.

In other words, it makes no sense to manage time to do as many things as possible that others (parents, boss, wife, husband) need, not you. It’s not about ignoring your work or home responsibilities. It’s about how to shape your duties so that you get closer to your goals and not away from them even more.

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So, life management is the art of managing your own life, which allows you to take control of your life and dispose of it at your discretion, not that of others. It is your way of fulfilling desires, which can be planned in sufficient detail and in time to correct the nuances without distracting from the general goal. So how does life management work?

Life management and its fundamental principles, techniques, methods

Many philistines and even middle managers who are not familiar with business literature often wonder how they can manage their life when it is unpredictable. Various world crises constantly shake our lives; our homes are not insured against fires, floods, and earthquakes, and there is always the risk of getting into an accident, a war zone, or quarantine while traveling.

The promised wages can be lower because of the company’s financial problems, inspections, and general lockdowns. And if the central part of it is paid “in an envelope,” you will not even be able to make a claim and assert your rights. And even in your personal life, which kind of depends on you, things can not work out the way you wanted.

We did not take such extreme cases when you went on account of friends and parents, who said that “it’s time for you to get married,” and you do not need it for nothing. However, if you are not a psychologist and clairvoyant, you may not understand on the fly in the future partner and find yourself in a situation where family life does not suit you. Instead, one child may be born twins or even triplets, and you will need 2-3 times more resources to provide for their heirs.

Tony Robbins warns that too much fondness for making lists more often leads to stress than a positive result. It doesn’t matter if you do it with everything and then drown in the details instead of concentrating on what’s important, or if you set some super-tasks that make you stressed.

In his article, Tony Robbins laid out the five basic life management principles for success. They are exciting and applicable to almost any situation in life, even in Teen Patti live game, so let’s discuss them in more detail.

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Five Principles of Life Management by Tony Robbins

  • Find your goal. And this goal is not equal to material in the form of buying a huge house or a fancy car. A large home or a fancy car is needed for something, for example, to feel your greatness and superiority, to accommodate a large family under one roof, to get the freedom to travel off-road and bring to a secluded corner of nature. If you sort out why you want to take specific actions, it often turns out that they are either the wrong actions or not what you need.
  • Rely upon chunking. When you’re just mastering an activity or embarking on a big plan, you must be as specific as possible in your steps. It’s essential to pay attention to each piece consistently and not grasp everything at once. As you learn skills or better understand the plan, the details can be less and less detailed so as not to disperse attention.
  • Utilize E.T. Time. It refers to finding free time during the day from work and deliberate leisure to use for your purposes. For example, if you lack some knowledge for work or you’ve long wanted to read a book, it can be done in stages, downloading the text on a handy gadget and reading a little bit each time when you have nothing to fill 5-10 minutes, which is not enough to start something global.
  • Spend time on relationships. Life success is not only money, career, and a sense of significance, but also love, friendship, and communication with friends and children. It can not be sacrificed, and it’s just necessary to allocate time for it and other things. And it will bring you closer to your goals because, firstly, most plans require the help and support of other people in achieving them, and, secondly, relationships make our lives happier.
  • Learn how to communicate better. Some problems come solely from mutual misunderstandings or different interpretations of terms, perceptions of the outcome, or unclear details. Correct communication is a kind of optimization of your life management, which helps you get to the result faster.

Five Principles of Life Management by Tony Robbins Human Life

In addition, a red thread running through many of Tony Robbins’s articles recommends asking yourself three simple questions that will help make many intentions concrete. These are the following three questions:

  • What do I want?
  • What is my goal?
  • What do I need to do?

The practical convenience of the questions is that you can ask yourself them much more often than you can reread an extensive article. And, accordingly, in time to correct your actions if they suddenly stopped leading to the goal or, conversely, your plans have changed.

It is a very effective method of turning-management into a real art of managing your own life. Only one question remains: how do you learn how to do it all?

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