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Leadific Review 2023- Lead Generation for Small Businesses

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Leadific is a cloud-based CRM software that can help small businesses manage their leads, clients, sales, and prospects.

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The following features make Leadific the best sales and marketing platform for businesses and agencies:

– A dashboard to view the leads, clients, and their history.

– A funnel and website builder to help you sell your products and services.

– A reporting tool to increase transparency and give you an overview of your business’ progress.

Let’s check out the Leadific review to see how it helps with lead generation for small businesses.

What are its benefits?

One of the biggest advantages is that you’ll save loads of time. You won’t have to keep flipping between software platforms and don’t need to pay for a bunch of tools.

The marketing automation capabilities within the software will help free up your time. For example, you can create lead nurture sequence campaigns with email drops, text messages, and even voicemails without having to do any of it manually.


Leadific is the only sales and lead generation tool you’ll need. It offers a complete suite of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, from capturing leads to keeping them engaged until they’re ready to buy. Plus, once they make a purchase, it helps you retain that customer for future business.

Leadific is the best platform for businesses that want to close more deals. Some features include integration with email and calendar, staying on top of your sales pipeline, and more. The lists update automatically with either new or modified contacts that fit the conditions set by the user.

Pipeline Management

A business’s success depends on its ability to track and manage leads and customers throughout the sales pipeline. You can guarantee that the messages are customised by establishing a custom pipeline for different types of leads or customers.

Leadific makes it simple to keep track of every lead or customer and helps you locate parts of your sales process that need special attention.


Workflows allow you to construct marketing automation for your business and target customers easily. Leadific workflow builder allows you to create custom automations by dragging and dropping objects, adding conditions and triggers, and defining actions. Streamlining repetitive tasks through workflows can save time and improve your overall efficiency.

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Sales Funnels:

Sales Funnels Lead Generation

The funnel builder from Leadific is just as easy to use as Clickfunnels, if not easier, and loads incredibly fast. You can even transfer your funnels from Clickfunnels. It’s the perfect tool for anyone, whether you’re new to sales funnels or experienced.


If you’re looking for a membership solution that will give you the power and flexibility to grow your business, Leadific is the right choice. You’ll be able to build an unlimited number of membership sites, fully branded and customised to your liking. You can attract clients with the membership features and perks they want and keep them engaged by dripping content to them over time. This platform lets you completely control your membership area so you can run your business however you see fit.

Chat Widget:

The chat widget is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and potential customers. Leadific allows you to communicate easily with your website visitors. You can set it up quickly and get notified through a text message as soon as someone sends you a message.

Leadific offers a power dialer for calling leads and calendars for scheduling appointments. It also has an email builder for email blasts and a planner for managing all your social media posts. In short, you can use Leadific to launch your own SaaS business.


  • The customer relationship management tool that will change the way you generate or nurture leads with all of its automation features.
  • Pre-made templates to create funnels, campaigns, and email flows
  • The main dashboard and sub-accounts are designed for ease-of-use
  • A comprehensive solution with various capabilities to supersede other tools


  • Customization for memberships is limited.
  • Affiliate management software needs to be improved.

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Monthly Cost of Leadific

Leadific pricing is competitive and starts at just $399 per month. The yearly plan is available at $3990. Remember that you can sell or use this for unlimited clients and charge the same fee for each of them.

Final Verdict

Leadific is my favourite sales and lead generation tool on the market. I decided to cancel my Salesforce account because you get more features with Leadific, which is made for small businesses. What I like most are its workflows, ready-to-use templates, unlimited users, and white labelling.

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