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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Keeping the Objective in Sight: Read These 7 Tips and Organizing Any Corporate Event Will Be a Piece of Cake

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Whether it is the annual holiday party for employees and customers or a promotional event for an important new product or service, everyone wants their corporate event to be enjoyable and informative for everyone who attends. Future attendance depends on the success of this event. One successful event will increase the chances of success for future events. But, mess one event up, and it takes a long time to convince people to attend future corporate events. Mistakes are expensive in multiple ways.

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No Matter What The Purpose of the Event Is, Feed Attendees

Every corporate event should leave attendees with full stomachs and a good impression of the company and its mission or products. When a corporation gathers only employees for training or multiple people for introducing a new product, no one wants to spend hours in one space with no refreshments. A catering company such as stamfordcs.com.sg is a good place to start. A good catering company will get the customer’s budget and plans for the event and then take over the menu planning, cooking, serving, and cleanup.

This frees the event organizer to concentrate on the mission of the corporate event and all the other aspects. The food vendor will have certain needs and requirements to serve the food. These requirements will help determine the location of the event.

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7 Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Event

There are many pieces of advice for event planning but the seven main tips include:

  1. Deciding what the event is about and what the objectives are. Every other part of planning the event should refer back to the event objectives and message. Choose the right venue for a convenient location, parking, size of the room, and available amenities for the caterers and presenters. Have a written version of the event objectives and overall plan and give copies to the planning committee members.
  2. Deciding on a budget based on the event importance, objectives, refreshments, decorations, and unforeseen complications.
  3. Planning the message to be delivered carefully. It needs good content and must hold the attendees’ attention. Any speeches should be long enough to get the message out but short enough to hold everyone’s attention and not get boring. It may be worthwhile to hire professional speakers, comedians, or related experts. It may even be worth the investment to hire a professional organizer for large, important corporate events.
  4. Promote the event beforehand on social media, with written invitations, and other forms of communication and advertising. Then, report on the event afterward on social media.
  5. Use all aspects of modern technology to help get the important message across and entertain the people attending the event. The use of 3-D videos, online classes, and impressive backdrops for important speeches can make a big difference. Having several informational videos for attends to watch at their convenience can be an advantage.
  6. Make the event memorable with attractive decorations, music, registration experience, small promotional gifts, and attractive information packets.
  7. Even the best-laid plans need to be checked on periodically during the event planning process to avoid bad surprises the day of the event. Have a final checklist well in advance and go over the checklist 24 hours before the event and then the day of the event. Plan on contingencies for emergencies, such as a band or caterer canceling at the last minute. Bad weather could be a factor. Each member of the team should have a list of phone numbers of the other members and all the vendors.

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The Benefits of a Well-Planned Event

When an event is well-planned and everything goes as planned, the corporation gains the respect and admiration of the people attending the event. They also enhance their reputation and can see an improvement in company sales or other success measure.

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