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Is Your Logo Design Representing Your Branding Strategy?

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Do you to follow Target’s footprint and utilize your logo to its fullest?

You must have a smart custom logo design, first, and only then you can expect it to do wonders for you. It’s true that a logo can strengthen your branding strategies but first it should be strong enough to support your branding plans. We know you’re thinking how to make your logo a perfect weapon for winning the hearts of your customers, right?

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Stop worrying! We’ve a handy list that you can use for concluding if your logo is truly representing your branding strategy?

Is It Relatable?

While you sit with the logo designer, for brainstorming the ideas, be very specific about your requirements. Consider what your target customers seek from this industry, what promises do you offer via your business solutions and find the radical line between these two essentials.

The key is to keep your custom logo design relatable!

By relatable, we mean that it should be relatable to your offers and the expectations that customers have towards your business. Because only then you can expect them to consider your products instead of your competitors who are selling the same solutions as you do but lacking that “awe” you create with your logo design.

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Is It Impressive?

Have you seen the latest Unilever logo?

It keeps the viewer thinking what more items have they infused in their logo, right? Well, this is the kind of impressiveness you need to add into your professional logo design. Because you’re investing into a custom logo design that not just attracts your customers but also impresses them with a unique design idea.

Nope, you don’t hack Unilever’s design approach but do think of something out-of-the-box that contributes to your branding strategy. Think of the user experience, any particular concept from your industry or anything that you can incorporate in your business logo and make it a jaw dropping piece of your artistry.

Logo Design

Is It Recognizable?

One of the challenges that logos have to pass is when they’re imprinted on different mediums.

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Whether you sell T-Shirts, sunglasses or even heavy-duty machinery, you’ll definitely imprint your custom logo design on your products. Plus, you’d also want to print them on marketing collaterals to increase your chances of getting noticed by expected investors (apart from customers).

So, is it recognizable to your customers? Or it looks entirely different when imprinted on a surface (other than your website’s top left section)?

While you have a custom logo design, by a creative agency, do check if the final product has this ability to be recognizable?

Is It Unique?

One of the biggest challenges, during the quest of having custom logo design, is to maintain the uniqueness in it. There are various business logos that are simply the rip-offs of famous brands and tell the story of designer’s incapability with poor copying skills.

Don’t be one of these companies who mocked themselves with a poor copy-pasting venture. While you check your final logo, do seek the uniqueness that distinguishes it from your competitors and even from famous brands, too.

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Is It Understandable?

Have you seen Apple Inc.’s first logo that represented Newton and the apple tree? That logo wasn’t understandable for non-science beings who were yet to read about Newton’s gravity theory. On the other hand, Apple Inc. sold computers which have no connection with gravity. When they changed it with an apple, it was clearer than the small picture with so much detail.

The crux of the story, above, is that you must keep your logo in a shape that’s understandable by masses. Because no one would sit for hours to crack the hidden meaning of your logo if you don’t place your smartly.

Tell us in the comments if you follow one of these tips to ensure your custom logo design is in proportion with your branding strategy.

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