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Home Resource How to Use P2P Texting to Run a Political Campaign?

How to Use P2P Texting to Run a Political Campaign?

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Texting through P2P platforms is one of the effective ways to reach your voters during an election campaign. You can reach thousands of voters with personalized messages, which can be in the form of friendly reminders or encouragement to go out for voting. Here, we look at different ways P2P texting is used to run a political campaign.

Initiate Person-To-Person Conversations

Peer-to-peer texting

Peer-to-peer texting powers your regular text messaging. It allows your organization volunteers to initiate a one-to-one conversation with thousands of contacts. The purpose of the personalized message can be anything like gauging voter sentiments on issues, mobilizing supporters for events, encouraging them to take action, raising funds, or providing instructions on how to vote. The campaign allows volunteers to manage multiple conversations hassle-free.


Record Responses on the Fly

The average response rate of text messaging is 45%. Time is of great essence on a political campaign. Your message must be read, and often a response is crucial for the success of text messaging. An excellent political candidate listens to voters and gathers information about what issues they value and who they are supporting.

The texting platform allows political staff to communicate with their user base more effectively. The P2P text messaging platform enables you to record responses and details of each conversation while they are having a conversation. The answer to the text messaging can be useful to know things like how voter feels about the candidate, details about who agreed to attend an event, or how many people have pledged to donate.

Faster Reply to the User Base

When you are interacting with thousands of people, there will be more than a few that are alike. The P2P texting platform allows you to create pre-saved replies that can be viewed and selected on the chat screen. If the political staff or volunteer has to send voting instructions or the event address, he can choose the pre-saved reply and submit it.


View Interaction History

Winning an election is not a one-day affair. Your staff is engaged in multiple campaigns across time, soliciting donations, inviting people to rallies, taking surveys, and more. While you are required to move across the campaign, it is essential to have the context of each conversation.

The texting platform offers a “History” section that allows the political staff/volunteers to view the entire history of conversation with each contact across campaigns. If a connection has mentioned an interest in volunteering, the staff interacting with them can ask and confirm during the next discussion.

Establish Local Presence

An out-of-state number puts people on guard, and this can work against you in a political campaign. The P2P texting platform allows you to create a local caller-ID for your political campaigns. You can use this caller ID even when you are operating the campaign from a location out of the state. When your voter base sees a message from local caller id, they are more likely to respond.

Political campaign managers have to ensure the conversation with voters never comes to a standstill. The platform allows you to personalize texts and encourage users to respond to your emotional call.

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