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How to protect your child online with FamiSafe phone tracker app

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We are well aware of the challenges that come with parenting in the 21st century. Finding the right balance between allowing your child to explore gadgets and the internet, while ensuring they are safe from the real threats that can be found online, can be really difficult. From online additions to cyberbullying and harassment, the Internet, and technology in general, can be a very unwelcoming place, although there are many ways to use the web properly.

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If you are looking to help your child browse the web freely without having to worry about unsafe content, abusive users and dangerous websites, FamiSafe Parental Control App is the tool for you. An all-in-one parental control app, FamiSafe is perfect for preventing cyberbullying, blocking unsafe apps and web pages, ensuring your child’s viewing time is limited, and much more.

What is FamiSafe?

Famisafe parental control app

With this application you can not only track a cell phone. You can also teach responsible online behavior to your children. Applying rewards and penalties can be easier with FamiSafe. If your children start to show positive changes in terms of dependence on the Internet, you might want to relax the screen time, for example.

What features does it include?

As a full suite of apps, FamiSafe has features that any parent will find useful in their quest to protect their child online. Let’s analyze some of the features that a FamiSafe subscription offers you:

Use of app

Apps like Instagram, Facebook and Fortnite are probably your child’s favorites, if you’re looking for a way to make sure your baby is productive during the day – and sleeps well at night – you’ll find FamiSafe to be a great solution. FamiSafe can limit the use of apps on your child’s iPhone or Android device, making it easier to set time limits based on the app.

Screen time

Of course, if you’d rather limit your child’s watch time on a universal scale rather than via apps, you can too. FamiSafe allows you to log into your account and limit the daily usage time of your child’s phone. With third-party app locks, on-screen reports available for browsing every week, and on-screen hourly limits, FamiSafe makes it easy to monitor your child’s smartphone usage and ensures they don’t become dependent on the phone.

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Intelligent planning

Managing app usage and screen time is great, but FamiSafe’s smart scheduling feature makes it a breeze to give your child some free time on the phone without having to constantly monitor the device. Smart scheduling gives parents the flexibility to plan when and where their child can use their iPhone or Android device. You can set the rules based on geolocation and time of day, so when your child comes home from football practice on Friday night, he can relax and enjoy the weekend without having to worry about homework not being done on Monday morning.

Location tracking

If you’re ready to have your child leave on their own, FamiSafe’s location tracking can be a great compromise. The feature allows you to see your child’s live location, so if they are at the mall with their friends or if you want to make sure they are home from school on time, FamiSafe can help you keep an eye on your child without having to constantly ask them for details of where they are.

Also, with a live battery meter, you can avoid panic if the device disconnects due to low battery.

Content of the web

You probably already have a content blocker installed on the family computer, but with the entire network available at your child’s fingertips, you’ll have to block their iPhone or Android device with it. Web filtering with FamiSafe helps parents to preset filter rules to automatically block websites that could be harmful to the child. So whether you’re worried about your kids shopping online unsupervised, stumbling upon pornographic content by accident, or finding gambling sites that can cost thousands of dollars, there are a million reasons to set the filter on their smartphone.

Suspected text

Finally, parents can receive alerts when their children receive suspicious text messages on their device. FamiSafe supports SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Instagram, YouTube and more (currently iOS only supports this feature with YouTube, although it will expand in the future), allowing you to get real-time updates when dangerous or offensive messages appear in your mail your child’s coming. Whether you’re looking for signs of cyberbullying, blocking adult content, or online predators not targeting your child, monitoring for suspicious text messages is a must-have feature of FamiSafe.

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How to install FamiSafe:

  1. Download FamiSafe from Google Play, the App Store, or the Amazon App Store.

Google Play  

App Store

Amazon Store

  1. Sign Up via the official website at https://famisafe.wondershare.com/user-guide/.Click ‘Try It Now’.
  2. If you want to enjoy advanced features, you must choose one of the three pricing plans available.


Compared to other similar apps, FamiSafe is quite affordable. There are three pricing plans available:

Monthly Plan: $ 9.99 / month

Annual Plan: $ 59.99 / year

Quarterly Plan: $ 19.99 / quarterly


FamiSafe is a great addition to your child’s smartphone, making it easy to manage your child’s digital life with all the control you want. If you’re trying to make sure your child is safe from online harassment, getting enough sleep at night instead of staying awake browsing Instagram or playing Fortnite, then you just have to install the app.

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