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Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Home Resource How To Manage Your Sales Funnel At Each Stage

How To Manage Your Sales Funnel At Each Stage

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Losing a deal will mean, it will be easy for you to move ahead to the next project and expect better results. But not taking into consideration the previously used sales strategy will mean missing out on crucial improvement opportunities. There are some revealing insights to every lost sale. Was it a bad lead, wrong sales tactic, or high price? It is important to know the reason behind the losses. This is where Sales Funnel Management can prove to be more than useful.

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About Sales Funnel Management

With this management tool, you can easily and effectively visualize tools when moving to repeat customers from total strangers. But without having an effective strategy in the proper place, it will only be noticed to be some fancy graphic.

Know the different stages

There are different sales funnel strategy that you need to know how to manage them effectively.

Sales Funnel Management stages

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1st stage: Awareness

Lead status: Your services/products are discovered.

Goal: Provide them valid reasons to return.

It is essential to enhance their interests. Also, they need to learn more about our business. So, share interesting, relevant, and useful content on social media platforms or your company’s blog. other methods, where your Sales and Marketing team might use for getting people to enter Sales Funnel Management is cold calls, blogging, social media marketing, traditional advertising, and paid search.

2nd Stage: Evaluation + Interest

Lead Status: On getting their attention, consider if they can benefit from your services or products.

Goal: Determine their goals and show them how you can help them to achieve it easily. Gain prospects’ contact information, against which offer something in value. Develop a rapport with your prospects and make them trust you more.

3rd stage: Desire

Lead status: They want what they see.

Goal: Provide them with the proper path to purchase.

Your potential client is now ready to purchase your service or product. Allow them to do so effortlessly and easily. Offer positive reviews derived from past customers, mention guarantees, and provide free shipping facilities. Offer a free trial, in case, they are still hesitant.

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4th Stage: Action (Last stage of Sales Funnel Management)

Lead Status: They are now committed and ready to become your paying customers.

Goal: Complete the deal!

Your sales representatives can carry out sales conversions at this point in time and close the deal effectively. On closing the sale, send across useful content to your new customer to boost their confidence in your company.

Following the above four Sales Funnel Management strategy will help your company to benefit immensely.

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