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How to Choose The Best virtual event platform

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Virtual events include the best virtual event software. It is packaged as SaaS or PaaS through cloud computing as a service. This software service helps to promote, plan, or conduct virtual events. It offers a space to connect with people and to enhance audience engagement.

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Choosing the Right Virtual Event Platform

Selecting a platform for the virtual event, such as Bizzabo virtual event management, includes selecting the right solution and technology. It needs to be in coordination with the job at hand. The main factors to shop around for virtual event platforms include:

User Friendly

Assuming guests know the working of web tools is impossible. Thus, having the best virtual event platforms eliminates creating barriers for your team or event attendees. Evaluate the virtual event potential platform for its user-friendliness. It depends on the features, devices, and the way it works integrating the business technology. You should know your audience so that the system suits a technical event crowd. It should be user-friendly so that there is no frustration among the guests.


Look for a tool suitable for the event. It is beneficial when there is an intimate feel and it is less formal. You will require a virtual event platform to build or design the scaling to suit a large audience. A list of virtual platforms is in the market. Choosing the right virtual even platform is fatal to run into connection problems to reach your audience. Thus, ensure there is enough bandwidth.

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Budget Virtual event platform

Planning an event is better than seeking tech options. Virtual event platform prices vary as per the size of the events. There will be a monthly subscription, an initial purchase, or some combination. It may go per attendee to a few dollars to thousands. Bear the event size in your mind and the support required from the provider. Look for a tour, a demo, or a trial to assess the platform and features.


Creating for your guests a unique experience means customizing the virtual spaces to feel and look unique. It should have appropriate images, branding, color, video, and audio content. Without a good lighting setup, it’s going to be very difficult to host a virtual event. Check out here designerchandeliers.net if you want some help looking for lights. Customized spaces appear attractive to exhibitors and sponsors offering an option to make their mark and to appear outstanding.

With the best virtual event platforms, virtual calling tools, or video conferencing, creating an immersive environment is not easy. A few key features are a must to a virtual event platform:

  • Live-Streaming- It is to take an event to cover real action and to go beyond talking heads. A virtual event platform featuring high-quality viewing and live-streaming service is perfect. It includes accommodating everything and not just focusing on some keynote talks. It includes concerts, performances, or sports events. There is an option to record the stream for viewing on-demand after the end of the event.

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  • Separate Spaces- A virtual event platform permits simultaneous workshops or events, virtual networking lounges, breakout rooms, and other ways facilitating face-to-face conversations and two-way communication between attendees groups. The virtual event platforms take to engagement than anything else. It offers the attendees enough time to stay active with polling, gamification, workshops, and a lot more.
  • Support- The virtual event platform, Bizzabo virtual event management, provides support services such as admin assistance in registration, event planning, and ticketing. It includes advanced tech support, creative support moderation of chats and workshops, and facilitation. It enables valuable assistance in keeping the focus of the event. The virtual event platform should have everything as a whole package. Only then, it emphasize great engagement to clean functionality, offering a novel approach to online socializing.
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