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How having a Virtual Phone Number will Help You Work From Home

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Long gone are the days of sending letters, going through an operator to reach your friend or a local business, or pressing multiple buttons on your Nokia phone to send an expensive text. In today’s modern and tech-savvy world, smartphones are the norm, emails are sent in a matter of seconds, and Zoom calls are the new meeting rooms.

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If you are running a business from the comfort of your own home, you are one of the many entrepreneurs who are starting to make a living without having a ‘traditional’ 9-5 office job. As the world digitalizes, we see a shift from the daily commute on the highway to a shorter commute – from your bedroom to your home office.

When working from your home office, certain amenities are required to get your business up and running successfully. We have narrowed down the list of prerequisites for a home business to one very important feature – let’s see what it is.

What is a virtual phone number?

At first glance, ‘virtual phone number’ could be a confusing term. Does virtual mean remote, digital, or simply an electronic device? Despite the complicated naming of this term, a virtual phone number is actually a simple technology that can be extremely helpful for connectivity and reliability.

A virtual phone number lets the user receive calls from anywhere in the world, similar to if you are using an unlimited data phone plan that can operate universally. Also similar to a traditional cellphone, a virtual phone is easy to set up, simple to use, and convenient for on-the-go use.

A virtual phone number is known as a Direct inward Dialing number, which is a number that exists without any device or tie to a specific phone line. This number means you can make and receive calls from an IP address or another number, giving you flexibility while traveling.

In most cases, cell phones require cell towers to provide a signal for your handheld device to make a call and obtain reception. With rational numbers, someone who places a call to a phone number will reach the receiver on the phone number. However, users do not need to access a certain device to make or receive calls with a virtual phone number. Instead, virtual phone numbers rely solely on the internet to communicate with any device that contains an internet signal.

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Benefits of a virtual phone number

Benefits of a virtual phone number

Although virtual phone numbers share some similarities with your iPhone, they also have distinctive characteristics that make it a step above the smartphone in your pocket.

Cloud Computing

Virtual phone numbers can function without a cell tower or signal due to cloud computing, a technology that allows organizations and businesses to easily access resources on remote servers and databases. Instead of using a limited storage choice routed to a physical location, cloud computing lets users obtain, store, gather, and share information using their virtual phone number.

Information stored with your virtual phone number on the cloud server can be sent and received using a worldwide network of data centers, increasing the speed of conversion and sharing data.


VoIP, known as Voice over Internet Protocol, allows calls to be made using the Internet instead of a phone line. Using this technology, virtual phone number users can transmit signals through the internet via any device, whether it be a computer, phone, or GPS.

A person with a virtual phone number can set the number to connect with any Internet device, or more than one device, allowing flexibility when traveling in different locations with limited resources.

Business proficiency

Another benefit of using a virtual phone number is the ability to expand your business reach, increase profit margin, and enhance your company’s communication capabilities to those worldwide. Consumers are more likely to answer calls from a local number instead of an 800 or toll-free number, which can increase your customer retention and sales.

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Contact people quickly

Virtual phone numbers let businesses establish a local presence and get in contact with the right people when they need to. Every employee will have their own virtual phone number extension, making it easier for customers and clients to get in touch with the specific person working with them directly.

Routes with any internet device

A virtual phone number increases the responsiveness of an employee or employer since the number can be routed to a phone or other internet-capable device when you are out of the office. You can prevent losing business by reducing the need for callbacks.

Less expensive than phone systems

A virtual phone number is less expensive than expensive hardware and phone systems that are an unnecessary investment for your business. Instead, a virtual phone number offers greater accessibility and convenience.

Helps with remote workers

We know that many workers today are operating remotely, either form a virtual office or from their own home. In this case, a virtual phone number can help customers or clients call the employee on any device in their home.

Marketing use

Virtual phone numbers can help marketing teams analyze which channels, methods, and strategies are the best for their company in terms of profit and productivity. Companies can assign a different virtual phone number to various channels for marketing to separate the data.

Call center organization

Companies with call centers can use a virtual phone number to help organize and categorize the large volume of phone calls. This organizational quality helps employees handle the influx of calls to prevent any hang-ups or missed calls. Furthermore, with a virtual phone number, a call center won’t have to worry about reducing business.

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Personal security

Lastly, a virtual phone number can benefit those who do not want to give out their personal cell phone number for security or safety reasons. If you are discussing work with a colleague or partner, giving a virtual phone number can be a safe and professional option.


There are many benefits of using a virtual phone number in your business, marketing, or personal life, such as flexibility, remote-working abilities, increased security, and improved company productivity. Having a virtual phone number for your business can help drive sales and increase customer retention.

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