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How Do Online Gaming Platforms Try To Get Users To Follow The Etiquette?

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We’re sure you’ve played some games online before, and we’re even more certain that you’re aware that online gaming has developed a reputation for unsavory language and risque jokes. That should be set to change, though, with many gaming platforms introducing strict etiquette and behavioral guidelines that will ensure that gamers act in a friendly way.

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In this article, we’ll explore the previous reputation that online gaming had, what’s been done previously, what rules are in place to make gaming kinder and more welcoming, and what gaming platforms are now implementing. Whether you want to adjust your strategy in poker or just have a general interest in the game, this piece should come in handy for you.

Does online gaming have a bad reputation?

In a word, yes. Online gaming platforms have been dogged by a bad reputation for years now, with many gamers seeing it as an opportunity to be as offensive and outrageous as they like without any consequences. This may no longer be as much of an issue, but when discussing this topic, we should address why people may still hold this negative view of online gaming.

However, this is starting to change, with more and more people realizing that online gaming can be a great way to socialize and make friends, as well as to provide entertainment. Over the past couple of years, when people have become more isolated, online gaming has been a lifeline to many, and online platforms saw it as an opportunity to clean up their image.

What’s been done before?

What's been done before Online Gaming

There are already some gaming etiquette rules in place that help to make online gaming platforms more family-friendly environments. For example, most chat functions will have a profanity filter that will automatically remove any swearing from the conversation. In addition to this, there are usually moderators who are on hand to report any bad behavior and take appropriate action.

However, these measures are not always enough to stop bad behavior from happening, which is why many platforms are now introducing stricter guidelines around etiquette and behavior. This has involved having moderators present in gaming lobbies and using AI to identify offensive language and dish out appropriate punishments.

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What rules are in place to make gaming platforms more welcoming?

The rules that are being put in place will vary from platform to platform, but there are some common elements that you can expect to see. For example, many platforms will now have a code of conduct that all users must agree to before they can start playing. This code of conduct will outline the behavior that is expected of users, and any breaches may result in them being banned from the platform.

In addition to this, most platforms will now have some form of a reporting system in place so that users can flag up any bad behavior they witness. These reports will then be investigated by the platform’s moderators. There is also a reliance on other gamers to do their bit and flag any issues, even if they themselves are not the direct target of abuse.

What gaming platforms are implementing these changes?

What gaming platforms are implementing these changes Online Gaming

One of the most notable examples of a gaming platform changing its approach to etiquette and behavior is Twitch. Twitch is a live streaming service that is hugely popular with gamers, and it has recently introduced a number of changes designed to make its online space more inclusive. For example, it now has a three-strike policy for anyone who breaks its code of conduct, which could result in them being banned from the platform.

In addition to this, Twitch has also introduced an automated profanity filter, and it is working on introducing more human moderators. These changes are designed to make Twitch a more welcoming environment for everyone, and they are likely to be rolled out across other gaming platforms in the future.

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Are things going in the right direction?

It’s clear to see that things are looking a lot better now than they did just a decade ago, with gamers being more aware of how powerful their language can be and the damage it can do. That awareness, coupled with the real threat of being banned, has meant that potentially offensive behavior is less likely to go unchecked, and the offending parties will be held accountable.

Things aren’t perfect, and they never will be, but we are seeing a shift in what’s acceptable, whether that’s online or in the real world. That could also change further in the coming years, as we see many people advocating for all online accounts to be verified, making it easier to punish users who act poorly and don’t follow the basic rules they agree to upon signing up.

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