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Monday, August 3, 2020
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Hot Smart Home Startups

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Smart home technology becomes very popular among many homeowners today. This technology can help you do any of your daily tasks in your home easily. Many companies are trying to focus their businesses on this smart home technology. There are a lot of smart products that are available for all homeowners. You can use any of these smart products for supporting your daily activities. Many people also feel happy and leave good reviews about some of these new smart home products from these startup companies. These companies are doing the best thing for making their mark on the smart home industry.



1. Flo Technologies by Moen

This is one of the most popular startup companies in smart home technology. The Flo by Moen is a device that can be attached to the main water supply line. This device will calculate the overall temperature, flow rate, and also water pressure on the water supply line. This product is going to use the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) system for telling us about normal or abnormal water use. This system is specially created to monitor and also detect any potential water leaks. When the system detects a water leak, it is going to alert you immediately. Therefore, you can shut off the water from your water supply line as quickly as you can.

2. Sensibo

Hot Smart Home Startups

If you want to have a smart home technology in your home, you should install this product in your home. Sensibo ky is an air conditioning controller that can work perfectly in turning your AC and any heating units in your home to be smart. You can simply install this Sensibo Sky device on the wall for getting all benefits from this unit. This tiny device will transform your regular AC and heating unit into the best smart home technology. It is able to regulate the use of air conditioning and heating units automatically. You can also control these units via your smartphone. You can even use voice assistants for controlling all HVAC units in your home.


3. Intellithings

This is a new startup company that focuses its business on smart home technology. Its RoomMe is a patented positioning technology that can enable smart home automation. This product was just released in 2019. This device is a smart sensor that can be placed on the ceiling of your home. This device will know who is home and detect any people in your home. It doesn’t use cameras and any other intrusive devices. This device only uses some sensitive sensors for detecting people in your home. It is going to use your smartphone for activating several things, including lighting, temperature, and also entertainment based on your preferences.

4. Awair

If you concern about your health, you should take a look at this startup company. It is a powerful air quality monitor that can be used to track dust, CO2, and chemicals on the air immediately. This device will make sure that we breathe the best air quality in our home. You can monitor the air conditions inside your home. Awair was able to raise up to $10 million in the Series B round of funding this year. This device can also be used in any public places, such as offices. Many enterprises feel happy when placing this automatic device on their offices, so they are able to control the quality of the air around their environment.


5. Notion

Hot Smart Home Startups

The notion is very famous for its 4-in-1 sensors that can detect any leaks, alarms, temperature changing, and opening of windows or doors. This company is going to target the insurance industry that is looking for the best home awareness technology in the clients’ properties. The notion is very well-known for its unique security and home monitoring system. It is going to use a single device for monitoring the most common problems that may occur in our home. This startup company has already made partners with some popular companies, including American Modern, State Auto, Travelers, and Hippo. It’s all-in-one sensors are able to detect any potential catastrophe in our home, including break-ins, smoke, and water. One device is able to detect these potential risks. It will be a simple way for all homeowners to monitor their homes easily. There are many great smart home tips that you can check on Wired Smart.



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