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Honest Reasons Why You Need a Video Remote Interpreter for your next Zoom workshop or event

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What Is Video Remote Interpreting?

Video remote interpreting, also known as VRI, is a form of sign language interpreting where a hearing person can communicate in spoken language with somebody who has hearing loss and via a video call.

Video remote interpreting is beneficial particularly in the suburbs and rural areas, where there is a lack of qualified, on-site interpreters. VRI seeks to remedy this shortage by connecting Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals with their hearing counterparts through the use of videoconferencing equipment.

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Top Benefits of Video Remote Interpreting for Businesses

There are myriad reasons why businesses of any sector and industry should incorporate video remote interpreters. Here are the top reasons to consider VRI for your corporation or organization:-

#1. Allows Clear, Easy Communication

VRI can be much easier than hiring an in-house, staff interpreter. Video remote interpreting empowers your business to build stronger relationships across cultural and language barriers with your colleagues, clients, and customers.

Besides supporting an individual with hearing loss and fostering improved workplace engagement, VRI also helps businesses
to brand themselves as socially-conscious and accessible to their local community.

#2. Experienced Professionals

If you partner with an agency for video remote interpreting services, prioritize requesting a provider with experience or qualifications in your industry. This ensures your VRI interpreter will interpret with a high standard of clarity, even if it’s their first time interpreting for your business.

This is even more important in life-altering sectors such as the healthcare and legal industries. Likewise, it is critical to international business meetings or negotiations with vendors or clients to have a VRI interpreter capable of matching all spoken and signed languages present during the conference.

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#3. It’s Flexible and Easy to Integrate

Video Remote Interpreting

Since there is no need for travel arrangements or renting expensive equipment, VRI is indeed flexible and integratable into any workplace. Whereas in-person interpreters may require an appointment weeks in advance, VRI interpreters are available around the clock with just the click of a button from your internet-enabled device.

#4. It’s Cost-Effective

Compared to having to interview, screen, and on-board a qualified interpreter for full-time work, VRI is budget-friendly, allowing you to pay for just the time during which you need the services . So, if you have only a few meetings in the next month you wish to make accessible, you can save thousands by integrating a qualified VRI interpreter rather than hiring an in-person or staff interpreter . It is important to note that there are limitations to what an interpreter can accomplish virtually. For medical appointments or big events, it’s always best to have an in-person interpreter who can freely move about and meet your Deaf employees’, patients’, and attendees’ needs.

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#5. Safe and Socially-distanced

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly illustrated the value of video remote interpreting services. When international and domestic travel was halted, interpreters adapted by offering their professional services remotely. As the world’s entire IT and private industries adapt to working from home, video interpreters have already been providing these services from their home offices for years! The COVID pandemic may be reaching its final months; however, VRI services remain an effective, cost-saving, and time-efficient means of providing equal access to your Deaf and hard-of-hearing employees, customers, and patients.

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