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Sunday, May 31, 2020
Home Resource 4 Essential Things a Start-Up Needs to Succeed

4 Essential Things a Start-Up Needs to Succeed

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“If you just work on stuff that you like and you are passionate about, you do not have to have a master plan with how things will play out.” –Mark Zuckerberg

What does it take to make it big as a startup business?

While the competition might be stiff, success is still very much possible. Sure, starting a new business in this competitive company can a bit daunting, but it is not impossible if you just exerted your efforts into refining your technique as well as steering your endeavors towards ensuring customer satisfaction. However, before you jump right in and rent a serviced office , here are some of the things you should consider and keep in mind when it comes to launching startups:



1. A good sense of timing

Successful startups require good timing to pull off—and by a good sense of timing, we mean picking the best possible time to launch your company and getting your business plan completed and creating appropriate strategies to ensure the business takes off the ground immediately. The former is determined by a myriad of factors which would include the flow of your industry, how your competitors are doing, your personal circumstances and how much startup funds you have available. You might wonder how your personal circumstances would factor in to your sense of timing, but it actually plays a contributing factor to when and how you can launch your business.


If you are having a baby anytime in the next three months, it might not be wise to launch your company just yet. There is no need to rush, weigh your options first and determine when the best time to launch your company is. Remember, you can never spend too much time in developing your plan but do remember to have a target launch date in mind. Quite a lot of startups have already failed simply because they stayed in the early development stage and never took off.

2. The cleanest budget on the block

Having more than enough money does not immediately connote a successful startup. Most startup entrepreneurs fail because they are under the mistaken belief that if they have an enormous amount of cash, they can simply drop all of it in a business checking account and it would instantly cover all of their expenses.


A successful business requires a good business strategy as well as a budget, not magic. Having a detailed budget before even spending any of that is paramount to a good business plan. The more detailed it is, the better off you will be. Enlist the assistance of a professional with an expertise in budgeting and have every single area of the business meticulously accounted for. Moreover, it should be adhered to as closely as possible.

3. Self-discipline

Self-discipline is crucial in startup business because it ensures that you do not needlessly spend money whenever you feel like doing so. Remember, you do have a budget you need to adhere to and exercising self-control is a great way to adhere to that same budget. While this is imperative for all businesses, this is especially vital for businesses in the startup phase as you are still establishing a foundation.


To ensure that all areas are covered, create a set of goals for each day, week and month rather than simply deciding what hours you will work or if you will work at all. Your startup does not have to completely overshadow your time for relaxation, but it is best if you took a little extra time in focusing on it. Take note: Cultivating a startup company requires more work than established companies—and if you want to succeed, you better be willing to put in the hours and the effort.

4. Social skills

Connections come in handy when it comes to startup businesses as this will help you leverage your existing network. However, if you and your team do not know any key people who would contribute to your endeavor, then making those connections is required of you. If being social was something you never found yourself identifying with, then you might be constrained to. Your ability to form new relationships and maintain your existing ones is vital to the success of your business.


About Author :

Janice Jaramillo is a twenty-something who loves to write various topics especially business and startups. She currently working as a copywriter on one of the company located in serviced office in Makati. She also likes to travel around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences.

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