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Everything you need to know about temperature scanners

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With the covid-19 cases increasing each day, businesses are taking special care to keep them operating. Well, many companies are also adopting measures that would help them keep the infection at bay—the WHO had released guidelines for coping up with the virus.

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Now that the lockdown is almost officially over in many countries, it is advisable to take proper measures to curb the virus. Businesses of all sizes are taking proper care or measures to bring a change in their operation. The temperature scanner usage has become normal and is advised to continue.

What are thermal temperature scanners?

What are thermal temperature scanners

Temperature scanners are also known as thermometers. These devices are used for checking temperature and are available in four different ranges- oral, temporal, tympanic and thermal cameras. It is necessary to check which one suits your need the most and eventually implement it.

The temperature reading may significantly vary depending on the scanner you’re using. Moreover, the usage guidelines would vary accordingly, too. Since covid-19 is contagious, it is advisable to not use temperature scanners that need to be in contact. Hence, it is advisable to avoid using oral temperature scanners.

Most of the advanced temperature scanners follow infrared technology to find the accurate impact. Zorpro Temperature Kiosk often follows the use of infrared scanning technology to get accurate readings.

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How accurate are the temperature scanners?

How accurate are the temperature scanners

One of the most important things to note about temperature scanners is that all of them are different. Hence, the reading and usage guidelines would vary accordingly, too. It is advisable to use less invasive thermometers that can prove to bring maximum impact.

Here are all temperature scanners that can be beneficial in the long run.

Oral thermometer

These are found in almost all households and are the least accurate ones. They may need to be placed into the mouth or armpits to get the temperature readings.

These may be used for mass screening purposes, but they may not be effective. Nonetheless, it is advisable to use disinfection to regulate the processes. At the same time, it is advisable to keep it only for an individual rather than for everyone.

Temporal scanners

These are forehead scanners and need to be placed on the forehead to get accurate readings. The temporal scanners follow infrared technology and are one of the best alternatives to rectal or oral thermometers.

The temporal scanners can be highly beneficial for mass scanning. However, the distance may have a key role in determining the accuracy. The farther the scanner is placed, the less accurate the readings will be. This is mostly because the light will have to follow a specific distance to travel to cover up space.

Tympanic Thermometer

Tympanic Thermometer

The tympanic thermometers usually take the readings for ear canals. These can play an important role in getting far accurate readings than the oral ones. Nonetheless, curved ear canals or built-up wax may affect the readings.

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Thermal cameras

Thermal cameras also follow infrared scanning technology to get accurate readings. Nonetheless, it is one of those scanners that scan the individual’s entire body. The thermal cameras can be beneficial for mass scanning, especially the large groups.

The only downside is that these thermal cameras may often reflect an average temperature than a complete one. Hence, in many cases, the thermal cameras can turn out to be ineffective as the readings may not be accurate.

Smartphone cameras

Believe it or not, but smartphone cameras can also be affected hugely. These aren’t accepted by the community and are inaccurate. Yet, these have their space here because, in many cases, these may reflect semi-accurate readings.

Nonetheless, several smartphone cameras will promise accurate readings, but whether they actually reflect one is very doubtful.

Can they prevent the infectious condition from spreading?

The temperature scanners may not be completely able to prevent the virus from screening, but they can help to identify individuals who may be at risk of being affected.

Nonetheless, the thermal scanners can’t detect asymptomatic individuals. As a result, it would become a tough time to detect the temperature. It is advisable to follow the safety protocols to prevent the increased risk of virus. The other necessary guidelines to follow are wearing face masks and following social distancing guidelines. Following the right protocols can be of great help in temperature scanning and prevention virus from spreading.


The temperature scanners are an essential part of many businesses. The hand-held scanners need to be included in small offices and will have a key role in scanning. Nonetheless, many companies may follow a hybrid approach of temperature scanning. Simultaneously, larger organizations need access to scanning kiosks to get accurate results.

Every device is different and will thus reflect results effectively. These devices can play an important role in identifying symptoms of illness and protect you from other diseases.

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