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Curiosity Made The Cat Rich: How Can Answering Questions Help You Earn?

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Have you ever thought your inquisitiveness may help you earn money? Well, yes, curiosity does not always kill the cat. In some cases, it can make the cat rich! Then why not quench your thirst for questions and answers while at the same time making money?

But the important thing is how?

Let me rephrase it. Do you know about Answerly? If not, you would be excited to learn that this platform provides you the opportunity to earn through answering the questions. So, first, we will introduce you to Answerly.

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An intro to Answerly-

Answerly is an initiative by Raza Rizvi, the founder of the Q/A platform. Despite being in its infancy, the app is getting more attention from inquirers and responders. The reason is the quality content for the inquirers and the incentives for the users. It will also launch on Google Play and App store as well.

Okay, but why Answerly?

Nowadays, it is pretty usual that we encounter messages like “Earn money online.” Some will have a long preface like a story of the person “I got to know this earning opportunity,” etc. Imagine discussing something on some social media platform, such as a news channel page, and this type of comment pops up. Quite annoying, right?

That’s why a credible platform is rare and valuable. Young people searching for online earning websites or apps often fall victim to scams. On the other hand, Answerly is a trustworthy platform that helps the earner and provides quality content to the questioners. The reviews from the users and the increasing popularity of the app reflect its credibility. So be assured, and contribute to a good cause. Your answers will get you the acknowledgment and the money you deserve for your efforts.

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Cut to the chase, ?

How can we make money Make money online

The best reward for the responders is the satisfaction they achieve by answering the questions. No, it does not mean that we are going back on our words. Of course, you can make money too. If you have decided to earn with Answerly, let’s get started. All you have to do is sign up for it.

Answerly encourages to share the knowledge. Hence, it gives incentives to the best answers. The incentives are in the form of Answerly tokens. After collecting ten of these tokens, users can transact their earnings and exchange them for a currency, such as dollars. So, they do not have to wait long to withdraw their money.

The good thing about Answerly is that users do not only answer for the sake of money. Instead, the answers are evaluated based on their relevance and quality.

Though the slogan of Answerly is ‘Answer Questions and Earn Rewards,’ here is a surprise! Users do not only earn by answering questions but also by asking questions. Here is why “curiosity” is encouraged. Where answers get credits depending on the users’ level, the questions have a fixed reward. Therefore, you can ask as many questions as you want, and instead of getting annoyed responses, you get the money!

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Singing up for it, Sounds suspicious?

Most of the time, the ‘sign-up and earn strategy’ is a trap itself. But here, it is different. So to clarify, Answerly does not require any credit/debit cards information for a sign-up. The registration is free of cost. And users can sign up with their Google or Facebook accounts.

That would be all for now. Unfortunately, we have run out of the time and space for this discussion. Nevertheless, we are super optimistic that you must have learned something, if not everything, new about this massive revolution in the world of Q & A platforms!

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